Election 2016: Too Many Cooks

Election 2016: Too Many Cooks

It takes a lot to make an election stew.

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19 Responses

  1. Scott Chupack says:

    I think they missed a gag in showing Hillary, than just back to more
    Republicans. :)

  2. Joe Schmoe says:

    Did Reid get scope eye? I know he doesn’t shoot firearms, but man it looks
    like a scope slammed him good!

  3. Jeff Ramos says:

    putting those interns to use

  4. Apsis Motion Pictures says:

    Exceeded my expectations.

  5. Cs PPP says:

    The original is better.

  6. FrankValchiria says:

    i don’t understand this thing.
    would be cool if it was an anonymous thing 

  7. James Winters says:

    I think its important to remember that, in the electoral kitchen, too many
    cooks spoil the broth. That’s why the two party system is the American way!

  8. MegaZoneEX says:

    i see some potential memes here

  9. VIGILANTIA says:

    Pretty funny all these conservative crooks. To be fair there are just as
    many liberal crooks if not more, they just seem more intelligible and make
    funnier jokes.

    Remember! Under the conservatives and republicans: Man exploits man.
    The opposite is true for liberals and democrats.

  10. nickONtheNET332 says:


  11. inceptional says:

    I’m thinking there’s some agenda in this version of the video.

  12. Thomas Hinds says:

    Bravo. The fact that half these people don’t get it makes this so much

  13. Don von Frustratio says:

    4:10 lmao music distorted part at the perfect time. Esp. when Kim Jong Un
    appeared. But then National Debt made me fucking lose my shit.

  14. Lord McSatan says:

    Clueless Portland libtards will be jacking it over this. 

  15. italguynj says:

    They forgot to add MSNBC and Fox News.

  16. Dustin B says:

    I hate “For-Profit” news stations but this is genius.
    Credit where credit’s due.

  17. TeddyLeper says:

    CNN is a complete joke.

  18. Samantha Sutton says:

    Really, CNN?

  19. SkiiMask BOIIS says:

    Rand paul get my vote he is indeed the one you people to see his speeches