Election Night – SNL

Election Night – SNL

All (Vanessa Bayer, Aidy Bryant, Beck Bennett, Cecily Strong) but two friends (Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock) are surprised by Donald Trump’s victory while watching the election results roll in.

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20 Responses

  1. HilarityBribo says:

    Just continue pointing at Americans and calling them racists, bigots, blah

    Real wonder why they turned out to vote against hollywood/media and

  2. publicanimal says:

    Boy, that was some kneeslapping comedy. I burst into side-splitting
    hysterics exactly zero times, got the giggles exactly zero times, and
    lightly chuckled zero times. Give those writers a raise!

  3. Zelkyplant says:

    The Democrat platform for the last 8 years has been vitriolic, virulent
    racism against whites. This is a political party that cheers and mocks
    white people as they flood the country with non-whites, gloating that the
    white demographic is disappearing. Incidentally that technically classifies
    as genocide under the U.N. definition of genocide. It was so bad that 52%
    of white women chose to vote for a blatant male chauvinist pig over a
    woman. I guess genocide of the white race isn’t that popular with white
    people after all.

  4. Kevin Alonso says:

    Guys and you think you have a democracy? Tell me who got more votes? Tip:
    not the orange gorilla. Anyway I think you should have had Bernie Sanders
    run against Trump, he would have destroyed him.

  5. ZingsVideos says:

    Sad how white liberals are suffering worse than blacks ever have.

  6. Autbelli says:

    He won because half of the country is racist, totally! It couldn’t be that
    people didn’t want to vote for a woman who cheated her way past the
    primaries and then proved time and time again to be an above-the-law
    national criminal who not only has lied more than any candidate this
    generation, but also is tied heavily to the sinking ship that is the EU
    under George Soros. Everyone who disagrees with what you think is just a
    racist and a white monster, that’s totally it.

  7. ChocoKaylaRobin says:

    “This is the most shameful thing America has ever done.”
    As a Minority I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.

  8. insertnamehere says:

    I voted Trump, and I’m not racist. He just had the better policies. Also,
    he was more genuine than Hillary by a long shot. Lets not kid ourselves,
    his votes came in all races, religions, and creed. I was at a Trump rally 2
    days before he was elected and I saw every race there supporting him. Even
    saw muslims. People need to stop buying into the media. They are the ones
    racially dividing us, not Trump. Another reason I voted for him is because
    I didn’t want to go to war with Russia like Hillary wanted to do.

  9. Brooke Persinger says:

    Why are people acting like President-Elect Trump is going to cause the

  10. TheLovelyDianne says:

    “Most shameful thing America has ever done”. They laughed because Slavery,
    the first red scare and when we put Japanese people in camps

  11. Armin Kh says:

    Your racism card doesn’t work anymore.

  12. Kevythekevlar says:

    I wonder if the main stream media will actually learn from all this, and
    completely change their tune come the next election

  13. JediLucario says:

    Why does it matter if she’s a woman? Can’t we just look at policy.

  14. DJT says:

    Can’t we just accept the fact that Donald Trump is the 45th president of
    the United States?

  15. Huge Dick says:

    Liberals got Donald Trump elected. I’m a liberal but today we are faced
    with “hypocritical” liberals. You made this election about race and gender;
    not about what truly makes someone free. You did not focus on the world
    around us that is falling into WW3 and Hillary would have made sure it
    happened. You did not focus on the poverty that plagues the working middle
    class and the health care that beats them down even more. You did not focus
    on our poor education system that looks more like a school system under a
    fascist government where everyone is taught what the government wants them
    learn. You did not focus on what true liberty is and are now blaming white
    people for being racist. If you believe that 60 million Americans voted
    Trump because they are racist and bigots then I take pity on you. You
    liberals are losing your own party because you won’t focus on the real
    problems America faces and soon you will find that you don’t have a party

  16. John Othic says:

    This absolutely nailed it. So many people realized after this election that
    their view of the country is not as open as it should be.

  17. Coolidge Dollar says:

    I think white leftists are finally more out-of-touch than conservatives.
    Probably shouldn’t have treated Mitt Romney like the literal Hitler,
    America. Even Bill Maher said it.

  18. peachesandpoets says:

    Lmfao. The white shock is hilarious.

  19. John Bell says:

    SNL was being humorous but it reflects the attitudes of most celebrities,
    entertainers and liberals.

  20. gothatway09 says:

    It was good of SNL to satirize liberals and progressives like this. Too
    many times Democrats have blinders on to racism (thinking “all the racists
    live in Kentucky”, and forgetting all about slavery,… lol) and other
    issues affecting the country. Democrats were very humbled and eating crow
    this week and SNL, a typically liberal show actually dared to make fun of