Electrical wiring problems

Electrical wiring problems

When remodeling their bathroom, my sister and her husband ran into some… difficulties

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20 Responses

  1. Hugo Bursztein says:

    If I were you, I would patent the system, I’m an electrical engineer and I
    have never seen such ingenious wiring.
    Congratulations . You are one of a kind. 

  2. Engol DUB says:


  3. NieldaGeek says:

    the only way to get this result is to want it, or being stupid enough to
    think that the wiring does not matter, because electricity is magic!

  4. MrBeardtard says:

    How was a goat filming and talking to you?

  5. duzty122 says:

    Small things amuse small minds

  6. AyalZ says:

    ***Danger *** Your ‘Ground’ is ‘live’ with some of these settings. I hope
    the discovery does not ‘shock’ you too much. Keep kids and pets away and
    call an electrician.

  7. touchmenot films says:

    It was funny, and her laughing hysterically just makes it even funnier. 

  8. Jakob Gjertsen says:


  9. Mackie Pankratz says:

    It was all good until he turned the light on with the hair dryer…btw that

  10. Backstage Gabe says:

    I seen this in the movie “Ghost”. Tell her “Sam Wheat”

  11. Tony Clark says:

    I wasn’t laughing at this until he plugged the damn hair dryer in and
    turned the light on! OMG! Hilarious dude.

  12. Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe says:

    All the electrical engineers thinking … “idiots” 

  13. Soterio Salles says:

    E vejam como contratar um eletricista capacitado faz toda a diferença

  14. Tang William says:

    I want my 1:43 minutes back. That lady voice too loud that i can’t even
    heard anything from the guy said mostly.

  15. Knoxx62 says:

    “It’s a feature!”

  16. CanadianLoki76 says:

    144p. Did you record this with a potato? Who the hell records in 144p, I
    mean is it even POSSIBLE in 2015?

  17. Ed Rabbitt says:

    sounds like u hook 2 hotwires together if so u got 240 volts could cause a
    fire or u when u took the fan out did it have a blue wire on it
    or do u have a red wire some where in the system

  18. bluewhale18 says:

    Another stupid woman laughing video
    Fuck off

  19. Caleb Smith says:

    Did i miss something or am i to young to laugh at lights turning on with a
    hair dryer…? I honestly don’t see what’s so funny here…

  20. aokplace says:

    Supply is at the ceiling