Electronic Skin — Mind Blow #108

Electronic Skin — Mind Blow #108

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IceMan Clothing (0:00)
© South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology/A. Ochsenreiter
Wolfgang Sauber

Cooling Plastic Fabric (0:13)

DuoSkin: On-Skin User Interface (0:32)

First DNA Sequencing In Space (1:02)

Robotic Exoskeleton Brain-Computer Interface (1:35)

3.7 Billion Year Old Fossils (2:15)

Stromatolites by Paul Harrison

Prescribed Burn Nimbus Lab’s UAS (2:48)

Robotic Foosball by EPFL (3:15)

Multimaterial 4D Printing (3:34)

Europa-Explorer Mission Scenario by DFKI (4:03)

VR Robot Arm by 219 Design (4:31)

Out Of This World (4:49)

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20 Responses

  1. Elijah Elliott-Ebanks says:

    Still waiting for Michael to release some new VSauce

  2. Milo Drake says:

    the oldest fossil as actually ur mum

  3. Bob Nips says:

    The ‘fun-j-eye’ lol I have herd ‘fun-guy’ or ‘fun-gee’ bit not that one
    befor (fungi)

  4. Imerence says:

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  5. Hi Jack says:


  6. VEOTech says:

    Can someone tell me what that music at 4:15 is?

  7. Berdthday Boy says:

    2:19 Soo we should technically thank global warming for this

  8. Adam says:

    A fire heart 2:58

  9. Esmee Hulskamp says:

    2:20 it says million not billion lol

  10. YoniIsrael says:

    i am a robot from the canyons of mars with super WIFI internet and you
    can’t disprove that

  11. YoniIsrael says:

    i am a robot from the canyons of mars with super WIFI internet and you
    can’t disprove that

  12. Jamie S says:

    3.7 billion or 3.7 million like the paper 2:19

  13. ZombieX13 says:

    That’s not 4D but still neat.

  14. goku Ssjgssj4 says:


  15. Anyone700 says:

    4-d is not the ability for objects to move themselves in 3D. 4D happens
    when you manipulate 2d surfaces in a 3d world where they can pass through
    each other without touching.

  16. - GumShoez - says:

    my comment has no meaning probably lost some where

  17. Daily mind changes says:

    you said 3.7 billion years old… it’s 3.7 million years old

  18. WeabeMusic says:

    How do things like these exist in a world where people like
    Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump are running for President?

    It doesn’t make sense.

  19. BlueUmbrella says:

    Oh cool a robot that can drop fire bombs… that surely won’t be
    inconvenient for us when robots take over.

  20. Vsauce2 says:

    3,700 million is 3.7 billion.