Elite Dangerous: Odyssey | Announcement Trailer

Elite Dangerous: Odyssey | Announcement Trailer

Disembark, Commander, and leave your mark on the galaxy in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. Explore distant worlds on foot and expand the frontier of known space. Be the first to step out onto countless unique planets as you discover land untouched since time began. Elite Dangerous: Odyssey invites you to become a true pioneer.

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65 Responses

  1. Christopher Stone says:

    Walking around on planets is nice and all but will we be able to walk around inside our own ships?

    • sl3d says:

      not buying unless they actually add features like this instead of releasing a 2.0 of the original game

    • xxpoisonblxx says:

      @BufSabresFTW So there’s this alpha-quality game test release called Star Citizen…

    • Ben Dunant says:

      @xxpoisonblxx we will see what the state of Star Citizen is by the time E:D releases the Odyssey update. For all we know, E:D’s space boots might just be walking around on a barren hot potato. Lets compare apples to apples when we get there.

    • Jasparilla says:

      @xxpoisonblxx So theres this alpha release game called Elite Dangerous that implements promised features years down the line charges you for them… Get off the high road CMDR

    • Drake Maroc says:

      @xxpoisonblxx It doesn’t matter, you can play it right now and get a better experience. I don’t encounter too may bugs either

  2. Rusty Dog says:

    This is Frontier saying “Hold my beer”. Yikes !!

  3. Jarrod Davis says:

    …and just like that, I wake to find my dreams being fulfilled.

    • Jonathan B says:

      Just hope you don’t catch a certain thing before then, courtesy of ch1na. I hate 2020. I’m keeping my hype in check in case I catch that bat soup bug.

    • Billy Stevie says:

      Right?? Lol

    • DankMarksman07 says:

      Same, I was really tired when I woke up but seeing the notification for this got me out of bed really fast.

  4. CMDR Turtle says:

    Omg, it’s finally happening and I thought I was done with this game.

  5. Chris C says:

    My god, it’s full of Space Legs…

  6. Bart Hahn says:

    Finally a dream that will come true, men I waited since 2015 for this to come out

  7. Spaceorca says:

    Am I dreaming? This has to be a joke. I thought frontier stopped caring about elite…

    I guess I’m going to have to dust off the game and reinstall it again!

    • Mace Windu says:

      No it’s just that they have been developing this update for like 3 years. Their live team was in charge of keeping the game alive until now, and that’s a small team mind you. The bulk of the devs were working on this update. I think there is a lot of passion that goes into this.

    • Marcus Hicks says:

      You uninstalled it?!?! I mean, I confess I only play the game for around 48 hours every few months, but I’d never totally uninstall the game!

    • Stylie473 Joker says:

      They said if they want to do something they’d do it properly quality over quantity that’s why they took so much time

    • Ocker3 says:

      @Stylie473 Joker True, if this lands well, it’s going to pull a Lot of people back in!

    • 1k Subs No Videos says:

      When the developers of a game as big as Elite get quiet, it’s almost always because they’re working on something huge. This has been coming for a long time.

  8. Nicolas Andre says:

    As a great philosopher once said:
    “Hell, it’s about time!”

  9. Ansh Aryan says:


  10. BossLady says:

    The only reaction I can have is YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES! This is a game-changer on so many levels. I think meeting other CMDRs face to face and all of the possibilities! Thanks for this teaser Elite Dangerous.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      Your kidding yourself if you think they will add fun gameplay. They have been making boneheaded decisions for years. Space legs will be nothing more than a very slow SRV.

    • Devin Pol says:

      They literally showed two faceless people walking for 5 seconds. Calm down lmao

    • CMDR Tiger King says:

      @Ka en Suuunnni Yeah except in Elite Dangerous you can already play the game

    • Ryan Sentenial says:

      Never heard of the franchise, is this a reboot to something or is it brand new and has been teased before from years ago? A start up that everyone hyped up? What’s special about this game? I see a lot of people excited and I am just hearing about it now.

    • CMDR Tiger King says:

      @Ryan Sentenial Oh man.. what a tragedy … go buy Elite Dangerous: Horizons off steam and uninstall everything else – enjoy

  11. cg2713 says:

    OMG FINALLY, I hope we can walk around are ships

    • Napkin says:

      @Panthes Rutler I’m sure that It may just be when we are landed at a station or planet

    • pepetheheppe says:

      @Panthes Rutler i agree with you but dont you think that the inside of the ship, could just be a seperate “instance” (imagine the tents from harry potter). Depending on their implementation it can be quite easy

    • Erth Berth says:

      Yes, PLEASE!

    • Panthes Rutler says:

      @Rex 81-12 space engineers as far as I know operates like the example I gave, nothing wrong with it, and yeah on second look its very likely that you will be able to have fps interior ship battles someday. But under the hood very different approaches.

    • Panthes Rutler says:

      @Redstar Menace I agree

  12. A G says:

    2021: A Space Legs Odyssey

  13. David Ward says:

    OMG OMG OMG I’m not freaking out! I’m not freaking out! I’m not…

  14. Team Ultrawide says:

    I love ED, I have 2000 hours into it, Even bought a dedicated HOTAS and Oculus Rift S for extra immersion, Truly amazing experience, But after Horizons I won’t be pre-ordering this, I’ll wait for full blown reviews.

    • xxpoisonblxx says:

      A fair while later, I don’t regret grabbing Horizon when it dropped. They’ve fixed a fair bit with it. Their closed communications tone with development’s a double edged sword… it results in less actual promises that don’t pan out, but it also results in a good few assumptions people make that they mistake for promises that don’t come around. The real issue, though, is a lack of real player side testing before release day. Once they’ve gone through that… nothing in Elite’s perfect, but all of it’s quite pleasantly playable… if you can stomach the grind (whicn’s really the only ongoing cost of the game, even with FCs.)

    • Peng Bian says:

      Unfortunately they failed to make the planetary landing engaging or meaningful. I haven’t landed on a planet for years, and I’m still playing quite a bit.

  15. Tony D says:

    Woah! This may bring me back from my nearly 2 year break.!

  16. Allarion says:

    I’m not expected atmospherics plantes, only legs… Thank you! I hope this game will better than star citizen. =)

    • Mr. Fox says:

      ” Better ” is very subjective description. Both ED and SC are actually quite different if you look deeper.

  17. Blindazabat says:

    Never thought I could experience such excitement on a game trailer. I had tears in my eyes!!!!!
    I bet some other game developers are crying too, but for a different reason…

  18. fenomfangx says:

    Me: Looks amazing, I can’t wait.
    Also Me: I wonder how the will screw it up?
    Also Aslo Me: What’s the upkeep cost on a spacesuit?

  19. Bimi says:

    It’s been years since I last played. This looks so good!

  20. Rudy Poirier says:

    “Early 2021” so if we’re lucky, at least by December 2021.

    Also, just to add, I really hope this is as good as it looks, because that will be awesome. Even better if it’s on time. I’m just sayin’, Frontier has had a rocky track record lately.

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