Elizabeth Mayor Speaks on Suspicious Device Found

Elizabeth Mayor Speaks on Suspicious Device Found

Suspicious Device

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11 Responses

  1. darkl3ad3r says:

    If I’m reading this right, it sounds like some unfortunate individuals just
    happened to stumble onto this bomb while searching through trash. If that’s
    really what this is, those people should be considered heroes for finding
    and calling this in. The bombs could have detonated on the platforms in the
    early morning commute, harming scores of innocents.

  2. Heidi Hoe says:

    Obama built that.

  3. saith sanchez says:

    I was there that’s from broad street

  4. Emi Feldman says:

    Hi. Emi from CBS NATIONAL NEWS. Could we use this video on all platforms?
    Will credit. Thanks.

  5. Senpai Trump says:

    trending yeah right!

  6. Nerv ClaX says:

    A Muslim terrorist making bombs and leaving them all over NY and NJ? Surely
    not the “Religion of Peace”?

  7. Ray Haws says:

    Lets not jump to any conclusions………… and the suspect is a muslim.

  8. DinoMight Studios says:

    Why does this man sound sooo scripted. He’s even drooling trying to spit
    out those lines.

  9. Bobby B says:

    Ok my hometown.. homeboy works at the chicken shack.. seen a lot times

  10. DinoMight Studios says:

    I love how people here love saying Obama has something to do with
    terrorist, and that Obama founded ISIS…I bet y’all think he had found Al
    Qaeda too. This all happen because of the President Bush administration!
    Trump and his people, have been trying to make Obama look bad, saying that
    since he has become president, that there has been a rise in terrorist
    attacks. So think logically for a moment if that’s not too much to ask from
    Americans. America, as a whole, has always been the target, no matter who
    is president. The Obama Administration were the ones who got our soldiers
    OUT of Afghanistan! This whole war began under the Bush Admin. but I’m
    guessing white people just need to blame a black person. If Obama didn’t
    become president, who would y’all have blamed then… Even when Osama Bin
    Laden was killed under the Obama admin, y’all still think Obama is against
    America…silly, ungrateful “Americans”.

    Also, stop linking race with religion! Just because he’s Middle Eastern
    doesn’t mean his Muslim, ignorance! He can say all day that he’s Muslim,
    but he doesn’t represent the religion that is Islam! Does the KKK represent
    Christianity even though they claim to be hardcore Christians? Adolf Hitler
    claimed to have been Roman Catholic…yet his actions would say he was
    ATHEIST!!! Every religion, every culture has it’s extremist! We’ve let the
    media build this stigma in our minds so that whenever we see a
    MiddleEastern we automatically call them a Muslim. Christian is to
    Christianity as Muslim is to Islam. Stop being a product of the media and
    start actually educating yourselves! Actually sit down and read the Qua’ran
    and see how it doesn’t promote killing and terroristic acts! That ISIS is
    NOT an Islam state! Stop being lazy and actually strive to educate
    yourselves! #GodBlessAmerica #smh

  11. seekandestroy77 says:

    why is the man in the white uniform trying so hard to seem taller??