Elizabeth Warren Mauls Trump On Twitter

Elizabeth Warren Mauls Trump On Twitter

Elizabeth Warren has taken to calling Donald Trump a loser. She pointed out many of his losing ways on Twitter. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“In a Twitter rampage on Monday afternoon, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) enumerated all the ways in which she considers Donald Trump a loser. The liberal favorite launched a barrage of critiques at the Republican presidential candidate, tweeting about everything from the Trump University fiasco to Trump’s numerous corporate bankruptcies. She repeatedly called him a “loser” and concluded, “It’s our job to make sure @realDonaldTrump ends this campaign every bit the loser that he started it.”

Many of history’s worst authoritarians started out as losers – and@realDonaldTrump is a serious threat.

The way I see it, it’s our job to make sure @realDonaldTrumpends this campaign every bit the loser that he started it.”*

Read more here: http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2016/03/elizabeth-warren-calls-donald-trump-loser-twitter


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19 Responses

  1. Freddy says:

    Does anyone know why Warren hasn’t endorsed Sanders/Clinton yet? And when
    she plans on doing so?

  2. Steven Band says:

    racism, nationalism, anti intellectualism, these are the defining features
    of the gop and trump….

  3. Wood y says:

    Trump Vodka and Trump Steaks so exclusive…..You can’t buy them anywhere.


    Young Turks are morons, and Warren got stomped!! One is bigtime success,
    and one is a woman who lied to be treated as a native american minority and
    attacks companies for global warming when its proven false!!! Junk science
    crony commy warren will never be president!! 2008 caused by government!!
    Obama worst president of all time 21T debt up from 8T from all other
    presidents in history combined!!! twilight zone economy!! democrats always
    nuke the economy!! Clinton remember has the net, which was invented due to
    reagan reforms research!! dems always fail!! managed capitalism got usa 21T
    into debt!!

  5. ozzynator456 says:

    What was that sound from again? I forgot…

  6. Panther15 ZodiacGods says:

    The Germanians are going to be pissed that you used their battle cry from
    Gladiator. Some people just don’t know when they are conquered.

  7. AynRand1967 says:

    The Indian will stick to her like a tar. “Low energy Jeb”, “little Marlo”,
    “Lying Ted@… A wall flower should never pick a fight with a mud wrestler

  8. 8aleph says:

    Warren is a Democrat, read fake liberal, she does not want any opinion save
    leftist “groupthink” expressed or even allowed.

  9. easymoneysniper says:

    That is totally sexist of Elizabeth Warren to refer the the Republican
    Party as “guys”. What a sexist pig. But it’s okay, because she’s an indian.

  10. yowza says:

    Muslim Cenk talking absolute shit.

  11. paynostagram says:

    I’m honestly so disappointed with her not running for president she
    would’ve blown Hillary out if the water for sure

  12. JIm Lahey says:

    If you think Trumps a loser thats ok. But answer me this, who else do you
    know who is such a loser with a net worth of over 10 billion dollars.

  13. Kishor Hembram says:


  14. Mr Trump says:

    can’t Stump the Trump

  15. jomossino79 says:

    Guess what Elizabeth Warren? You’re going to help Donald Trump win! Please,
    anyone ask me why? I’ll bet you already know the answer.

  16. fvgf gfgfgf says:

    yeah, she’s right, but where was she 6 month ago ? She was like everyone
    else on the left and right, not taking him serious……now it might be a
    little too late. I know of another example when people didn’t take someone
    so serious, just look at Germany in the early 1930th………we have a huge
    problem on our hands !!!!!!

  17. Christine Azbell says:

    Wow that dude Warren really gave it to Trump huh …

  18. ArgjentTV says:

    The only loser here is Elizabeth!

  19. Pandemic! says:

    Would you guys mind checking out my channel? It has some great content and
    you’re sure not to be disappointed.