Elizabeth Warren: No President Gets To Declare War On Their Own

Elizabeth Warren: No President Gets To Declare War On Their Own

With Trump threatening to go to war with Iran, presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren reminds Trump that no President gets to declare war on their own. #Colbert #ElizabethWarren #Interviews

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102 Responses

  1. Johnny Punish says:

    Lots of positive energy. Much better than the dour negative ugly energy of Trump.

  2. Mårten Larsson says:

    I don´t get why people don´t believe her and Bernie. Their ideas have literally worked in every other industrialised country and healthcare works better in all those countries by all measurements, coverage, cost, people that are happy with their healthcare. You can look it up. Sure taxes go up but your overall cost go down/ From a swede in disbelief.

    • Mark Gigiel says:

      @A Wong Half of us LACK common sense and vote against our own interests. THEY have perfected all the tricks to deceive the masses.

    • Wilhelm Greatest says:

      @Neeraja Balachander In Germany the private insurance companies can for sure make a profit. Public health insurance is ‘obligatoire’ for all employees with an annual income smaller than app. 55.000 €. Only if you earn more money or are self-employed you are free to choose to switch to private sector insurance. Its understood as competition between the two systems but show a lot of flaws. (Of course, less than in the US)

    • Ken Lee says:

      She is so different from bernie people need to see the fakeness in her.

    • rasmie says:

      ​@Ken Lee On the other hand, people see the fakeness in Bernie. Warren is not fake–she’s being flat out honest and walks fine line balancing out capitalism with socialism. Bernie is out to put weight on middle class and up to impose reckless socialism on a country that has progressed on the backs of the middle class. Warren realizes this and embraces it. Obama said it too; US can only move forward when the working middle class thrives.

      She’s laid out plans that not everybody can agree with, but they ARE plans, talking here’s what we are going to do and here’s what it’s going to cost. Everybody has to pitch in. What does Bernie do? Talk dreams and everything sweet while ignoring the consequences of villainizing anybody who isn’t living paycheck to paycheck. Bernie is as fake as Trump, just on the other side, and people aren’t going to fall for it. The poll shows.

      Elizabeth Warren is the only answer for 2020.

    • Drogone says:

      Every time we asked for it, we got “it wouldnt work *here* ” …and thats it, no explanation as to why, just an “American Exceptionalism” junk answer. You just give up after a while (and spend 20 years of your life trying to jump ship) ? Those kids dying in cages on the border are only 1500 miles away from me, and I can’t do a thing about it except remind people that they’re still there.

  3. Hiratio Masterson says:

    I’m an Australian who has spent a long time in the US, and one thing I have noted about the entire US medical system, it is that it is optimised for discovering and developing breakthrough technologies in health science. It generates huge research dollars that fund some of the best and brightest to make huge breakthroughs, which are then converted into treatments which are unmatched worldwide – for those who can afford it. If you have the dollars, then in America you find the best care in the world for some of the most challenging ailments. But for treatment of more common conditions using more standard of the day methods, then the US is way behind in terms of outcomes for most individuals. There is merit in the US system, but there is also much that needs urgent fixing.

    • Campbell Cutler says:

      It’s very good and they have private options if you are that way inclined
      and yes they are hiring.

    • Anthony Whelan says:

      @arbknight12 We pay a compulsory l% tax called the Medicare Levy. It could go up any time and the conservatives, which by the way we call Liberals, would love to increase it. The system is stretched to the limit, so if you want proper treatment and not a two minute appointment, you pay extra, called the ‘gap’ which can be $50 more than the standard “free” consultation. So those who can afford it, take out private health cover. All the private health insurance companies have increased their prices this year so much that many people are opting out which is putting increased strain on the public health care sector. The Republicans are right to say that universal healthcare will implode. It’s happearing in Australia and the UK.

    • intuitknit says:

      What about the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto? They do cutting edge research in pediatrics but oh by the way , under universal health care. USA should look around.

    • mark bui says:

      The US does have the best doctors, hospitals and treatments if you got money or belong to the 1%. For everyone else, you just have to wish you don’t break a bone, etc. and hope the insurance company keep the screwing over to a minimum.

    • YourMajesty143 says:

      No, much of that research is public-funded govt research that corporations hijack for themselves. It’s the people’s taxes that fund the research, so they are profiting off of our backs and not putting in any actual investment from their own pockets. So this idea that the free market stimulates innovation is a lie.

      Mariana Mazzucato, who has just published a new U.S. edition of her book, The Entrepreneurial State: Debunking Public vs. Private Sector Myths, makes a timely argument that it is the government, not venture capitalists and tech visionaries, that have been heroic.

      “Every major technological change in recent years traces most of its funding back to the state,” says Mazzucato. Even “early stage” private-sector VCs come in much later, after the big breakthroughs have been made.

      For example, she notes, “The National Institutes of Health have spent almost a trillions dollars since their founding on the research that created both the pharmaceutical and the biotech sectors–with venture capitalists only entering biotech once the red carpet was laid down in the 1980s. We pretend that the government was at best just in the background creating the basic conditions (skills, infrastructure, basic science). But the truth is that the involvement required massive risk taking along the entire innovation chain: basic research, applied research and early stage financing of companies themselves.” The Silicon Valley VC model, which has typically dictated that financiers exit within 5 years or so, simply isn’t patient enough to create game changing innovation.

  4. D E says:

    I live in the Netherlands. Our taxes are super high. Healthcare is nearly free. So is college. And school.

    Nobody cares about those taxes.

    You guys are idiots for caring so much about tax when you’re dying of lack of healthcare.

    • Hawi Jack says:

      Thank you for your comments, it is very interesting in America we pay tons of money for insurance but get lousy healthcare. Our healthcare is so bad doctors and nurses don’t even wash their hands between patients viruses are rampant in our hospitals.You can take weeks to see a doctor, and insurance companies are quick to deny coverage. Our healthcare system is the most corrupt thing about America. Doctors come in say how are you doing and then charge you 600 bucks. Doctors do not really care in America they just want money. Politicians are corrupted by our insurance companies. All the largest buildings in every one of our city is owned by an insurance company.

    • Debby McCormack says:

      @Travel Nurse Please explain to me what you mean? We haven’t had my interaction on this thread so I really don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Travel Nurse says:

      @Hawi Jack this is so sad I really hope you didn’t happen to deal with the nurse that did not wash their hands. Yep that’s why I don’t stay in one spot too long. He is 100% correct.

    • ALTAI TURK says:

      Holland is probably the record holder of most taxes in a year, speaking with experience lol

    • SuperKing604 says:

      Frankie Says wait im Canadian and prescription drugs are not free for all. I have coverage from work.

  5. SLOLucas says:

    Her and Sanders together can win big.

    • Wulframm Rolf says:

      @Adam Tak _”That would be terrible. One of them needs to stay in the Senate.”_

      wow. i actually.. i never thought about that. i just looked it up; it seems the vice president, besides tie-breaking and presiding in ceremonies, is kinda just a glorified organizer, spokesperson, and adviser for the president. that’s.. disappointing. though hey, if bernie dies warren will be president so.. that’s not much actually.. yeah, he doesn’t even write policy. i’d rather have one of them as a senator for the vote and policy proposals they could offer.

    • Wulframm Rolf says:

      @MAX PAIN honestly i wish more people would steal bernies ideas. they are good ones.

    • Wulframm Rolf says:

      @Peter Sullivan i think you are wrong and misguided. she has done good work in the past. caving to pressure in the past does not erase it, and stealing bernies ideas is the best thing any candidate could do. honestly everybody should be stealing his ideas. it’s not a bad thing, they are good ideas. i trust her, and i trust her a lot more than the other candidates. excluding bernie of course, his record is spotless it seems.

    • Din says:

      We only need one of them, no reason for both.

    • KaKit Man says:

      She is too corrupt for Bernie

  6. zizinnnn says:

    Bernie asked people on social media to post the most outrageous medical bills they ever got. I was horrified. Everything is connected

  7. Matteo Alghiri says:

    I really don’t get how, in a so called 1st world country, you don’t have free healthcare, schools but you have guns in the streets. Really, wtf america? We used to look up to you, now you are just the strange kid that never grew up

  8. Benjamin Vincent says:

    Americans are like: « I will die because of the lack of health care and I pay thousands in insurance but at least I don’t pay taxes because it’s socialism » and it’s making them crazy to deal with the insurance but cannot see a psychiatrist

    • Okkie Trooy says:

      @Yasmin Stadler to be honest, in the past it was government based until a little bit higher than the middle income. Above that it was private insurance.
      Our government has at one time changed the system to all private insurance. Because this was supposed to be more efficient. Everyone must have a basic health insurance and basic coverage cannot be denied. You can pay yourself for additional coverage like extra physical therapy. There is a lot more to it but that would need a lot of typing.
      But what is clear: since the change to private insurance only, costs of healthcare insurance have risen greatly and there are more and more restrictions. Some make sense like if there is a generic variant of a medicine, than that is covered by insurance. Because the insurance companies are for profit, they aim for the highest possible return and there are many more high-payed managers that need to be payed. So it was to be expected that the fees would rise.
      But all and all the costs of our health care is far less than the US, we pay less and we are all covered.

    • Yasmin Stadler says:

      @Okkie Trooy i see your point; as far as i know, we swiss “always” had a private insurance system, but it is semicontrolled by the government.

    • Ewarton Charlton says:

      @Lauren Segars well how else would insurance companies make billions of profit??
      i’m not sure your point is.
      Like Biden said to Bernie – “This is Murrica”

    • Ahsim Nreiziev says:

      +[Okkie Trooy]

      It has to do with the fact that the only reason the United States of America is even a thing is because of ridiculous taxation by the British and the revolt that followed.

      It doesn’t make it less insane, but it does explain why Americans have such an inherent distrust of taxes, especially when compared to the rest of the world.

    • Ahsim Nreiziev says:


      You clearly don’t know how Language works.

      Here’s a hint: it isn’t Maths. It works by consensus.

  9. Mauro Tamm says:

    It works in EU – why shouldn’t it work anywhere else.
    I don’t have to pay 50000€ for some operation. I’m fine if I pay extra tax – which is magnitudes smaller in my entire life than a single medical procedure.

  10. jbarbarian88 says:

    She’s never going to say what Stephen wants her to slay about the taxes because it will give Fox News the perfect soundbite. Republicans work on soundbites alone. She’s intelligent because she’s using the Republican method against the Republican media.

    • Ross Rothschild says:

      She can’t say it but I will: Yeah we will have to pay slightly higher taxes for that healthcare. BUT SO FUCKING WHAT, at least we won’t go broke when we need healthcare.
      Most people don’t even realize this but a sizeable chuck of your taxes (like $4000 if you make $50,000, google it) goes to CORPORATE welfare, like Amazon and oil companies. So everyone is OK with that?

    • Daniel Majumder says:

      @Ross Rothschild ofcourse she can. Bernie says this. On fucking Fox News itself.

    • thenormalstate says:


    • YourMajesty143 says:

      Premiums, co-pays, deductibles ARE the tax you pay to get healthcare. Except with them, you receive less for the investment bc the Insurance Provider gets to decide whether they wanna authorize to pay the bill—which they don’t, bc they want to profit from your “tax” as often as possible. A govt tax guarantees you get the service, and there is NO red tape, paperwork, or administrative costs so it saves you money, time, AND you’re getting more for what you pay. Not to mention, you’re obviously paying less overall in the long-term, bc as I said, there are no administrative fees or profit-focused price gouging! The only ones who don’t get it are so hyperfocused on the semantics of the word “tax”, rather than the actual substance of the plan, that it almost supports the argument that we should invest in free college, bc our education system is clearly a failure. So many people obviously do not know how to math. It’s a disgraceful thing that we even need to have this argument, when the solution is SO obvious. And we have enough historical evidence around the world to justify single-payer healthcare. What more clarification do you need?

    • William Gallegos says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. I want her to say she’ll raise taxes, but it’s so try that it’ll just give Republicans ammunition to try and hurt her campaign. Sad really. People here need to be re-educated on what taxes are, they’re use, and what they can do for us. There’s a toxic culture around the word tax here. Republicans are like snowflakes when it comes to the word “tax”

  11. Laith R says:

    One hair of her is smarter than the whole Trump family combined.

    • Max Power says:

      This is not even worth bait.

    • bill bixby says:

      @Steven K How many degrees from Wharton do you have? How did you turn millions into billions? How many times were you elected President? How many people did you rescue from overseas prisons? I didn’t think so.

    • Steven K says:

      @bill bixby Seriously? You’re defending his hair with non sequiturs? Let’s try a few more non sequiturs, then. How many more bankruptcies does he need to justify his hair? How many more wives does he need to justify his hair? How many more of his inner circle need to be put in jail to make his hair look less stupid? How many more porn stars does he have to pay off to improve the reputation of his hair? How many more racist statements from him will make his hair look better? I said his hair is stupid. You, apparently, made the leap that stupid hair equals stupid person. Well, who am I to argue?

    • bill bixby says:

      @Steven K It’s amazing, I ask you serious questions about impressive accomplishments and you bombard me with set backs, mistakes and tabloid innuendo bull shit. You call me stupid and you stoop to the bottom of the bottom feeder. But that’s why you’re called Libitard Snowflakes. You’re nothing.

    • Lelynn Miller says:

      ?? very well spoken, isn’t she?

  12. Daniel Normand says:

    Even the people with insurance are one big diagnosis away from bankruptcy. It can happen anytime. Medicare for all you don’t need to worry about that.

    • wickednwyld says:

      Unfortunately, a lot of people think that they are fully covered by their health insurance because they have never had to use it for something rare or major. They cannot imagine the lengths these companies will go to in order to deny coverage for a serious accident or illness.

    • Michael Smith says:

      Even the worst insurance has an annual expense cap. Mine is $6k. Even if I got cancer I wouldn’t go bankrupt.

    • Daniel Normand says:

      Michael Smith I hope you don’t get cancer because you would find fast how bad your insurance is really. Until you really need your insurance is when you will find out. It’s not fake news that people goes bankrupt. I spoke to a person who has cancer and she was still waiting for her insurance to decide if they even going to pay part of it.

  13. JL88JL says:

    But is medicare for all actually radical Stephen? Basically EVERY developed country (except for the US) has it. I think it is radical that thousands of people a year die because they are not insured.

    • NDFOOTBALL says:

      They should by insurance like a 150 million Americans do every year. Nothing is free and it’s cheaper to our chase health insurance privately than through taxes. It’s a very simple formula but unfortunately our public schools in America no longer teach math.

    • maxglide says:

      NDFOOTBALL your whole post is bullshit.

    • Hey There says:

      @NDFOOTBALL That’s the exact opposite of the truth. It is far cheaper to have a single payer healthcare system funded by taxes than to have private insurance companies which waste so much money on administration. This isn’t even debated by economists. Even the far right Mercatus center did a study showing that Medicare for All would save $2 trillion over 10 years, and that was the conservative estimate.

      And do you know how much insurance costs just for a bare bones plan? There’s a reason so many don’t buy insurance in the US. It’s more expensive here than any other country on Earth. That’s the whole reason health care reform is so popular right now

    • jaydel3 says:

      He never meant it as his opinion. So weird to see people not understand that he is just echoing the voice of the naysayers to play devil’s advocate.

    • Myriam Ickx says:

      J Andrews : Among the developed countries, it’s « the American Exception »: an unaffordable healthcare system few people can afford, because nobody wants to pay more tax, whereas the extra tax would, at the end of the day, cost you way less than your deficient system or your private insurance.

  14. Peter Smafield says:

    Maybe we should consider taxing all religious organizations and stop allowing religious donations to be tax-free. That would level the field. If you want to consider religions a charity than they should have to prove they are truly providing a charitable service without any religious strings attached to their help.

  15. David Anderson says:

    Medicare in Australia is funded by a 2% tax. 2% Not exactly a massive tax hike.

    • Maddie says:

      Let’s not forget everything else that’s funded too. And it’s not medicare, medicare in America is actually a pretty shitty HC system.

    • Mark Gigiel says:

      @Maddie Medicare could be better, but it’s actually very good. From a guy who took care of 3, relatively poor, older parents until they died.

    • Enyo Theios says:

      @Maddie The government backed clinic I go to, actually does more than the private ones I went to before. I was astonished at just how caring the staff is, and how quickly they wanted to get me actual treatment, where the others stopped caring when I couldn’t afford the visits anymore.

      Let’s not forget that the increase in taxes you pay, is less burden on employers, and less than the individual would pay for just basic bottom shelf insurance costs (unless you’re wealthy), while providing full coverage care.

  16. The Goat Child says:

    A country where you can go bankrupt because of a medical issue has no right to tell the entire world that they’re the greatest country there ever was. Sorry not sorry!

  17. Shannon Stone says:

    I would absolutely pay more in taxes to ensure everyone has healthcare. I absolutely oppose paying for a damn pointless boarder wall that is only there to symbolize hatred and white nationalism

    • Maniak5100 says:

      Do you earn any income on which you already pay tax? If so, where do you fall on the income bracket?

    • Joshua Burns says:

      You probably would pay slightly more in taxes, but you won’t have to pay for everything else we pay for now. So if you were to get a bad medical bill, you wouldn’t have to pay for it

    • Tom Trask says:

      Yeah, I don’t mind if the difference between my premiums today and my premiums tomorrow went to taxes. At least my taxes wouldn’t be age based – my premiums are and that’s just patently unfair.

    • BlindErephon says:

      It would be nice if the top earners paid their fair share too, instead of being able to pay for things like sending their money to off shore banking and using tax loopholes to get refunds when they made billions.

  18. galnamedtal says:

    I’m from Canada. Yes taxes are higher. But we’re saving a shit ton of money from healthcare payments. Many many other developed countries in the world have universal healthcare. America is behind on the times.

    • maxglide says:

      Javier Cota you literally have no awareness how well the rest of first world nations have it better than the US as far as health care….?

    • Javier Cota says:

      @Paulus Heebink Canada is insignificant to the world. If Canada were to disappear no one would notice. Your leader is a soyboy like yourself.
      You guys bent over to Britain and your history is nonexistent.

      Being 6’9 means nothing when you carry yourself like a female


    • Javier Cota says:

      @pizda matii playing the what if game is a fallacy. I rather not invest into something that is not needed. If something were to happen you figure it out. That’s the good thing about capitalism there is always more than one option

    • pizda matii says:

      @Javier Cota “If something were to happen you figure it out.” and yet the data seems to indicate that a lot of people don’t figure it out. this is what we are talking about, families going bankrupt because of an unexpected medical expense. your words mean nothing if there is no data supporting your narrative.

    • pizda matii says:

      @Javier Cota “playing the what if game is a fallacy.” if i’ve committed a formal fallacy please point it out. young people get into accidents and contact serious ilnesses. this is a fact.

  19. jhwheuer says:

    The USA appears to be a corporation that tolerates citizens.

  20. gabiluch87 says:

    United States citizens: taxes to cover universal health care, education, won’t bankrupt you, the system that’s in place does

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