Ella Mai – Boo’d Up (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj & Quavo

Ella Mai – Boo’d Up (Remix) ft. Nicki Minaj & Quavo

“Boo’d Up (Remix)” out now http://smarturl.it/BoodUpRmx

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73 Responses

  1. Tee Rose says:

    am i the only one who thinks this is good?

  2. staylit buddy says:

    Should of used Chris brown and Miguel instead or Tory lanez

  3. William Collins jr says:

    When did boo’d up become a trap song?

  4. Saniyah Holoman says:

    Nicki:Babe can u come get me?
    Quavo:I’m outside
    My question is HOW TF IS THAT FUNNY?

  5. ShelbyLuvzHumor says:

    Trey Songz and Chris Brown could have been fire ?

  6. Nima Nwozo says:

    This song got me bopping my head

  7. Hello Dinero Music says:

    I aint even gon lie once I saw the features I knew this was gonna be trash lol .. Quavos part was iight , but nicki gotta go

  8. IMTHATBITCH says:

    Everyone talking Chris brown would make this better ? let’s not forget Bryson Tiller ?

  9. yolanda webb says:

    Wow..this was ASS… WHY??? just WHY?? if it ain’t broke ….

  10. Sushi Boy says:

    I think Nicki should have sung in this remix rather than rap.

  11. TrvpTay says:

    Did nicki listen to it after she recorded it?? Because WTF

  12. Katrina Caliente says:

    Ella Mai has that “why y’all do this to me?” Look on her face LOL

  13. Dream Babies says:

    y’all not tired of nicki yet? she sounds the same on every song.

    • Juliette x says:

      Buddy Rare
      Excuse me, HUMBLE. CARDI HUMBLE?!!! Nicki flied out to meet her fan and spend time for a day with them. She donated to hospitals and charities. And interacts with her fans, with her own self and talking more than just taking pictures. Smh

    • Buddy Rare says:

      LoL y’all make it seem like donating only makes you a humble person. Cardi also donated to families as well. I can be the worlds famous jack ass and still fly people out to spend a day with me or them, because guess what I have “money” I can do that. Im talking about as a person that came from the bottom and carry them self humbled and don’t act as “great” like she the best thing since sliced bread. Im no fan of both trust me but when I see them two and the way they are ill rather hang with Cardi

    • FUCKMELIFE ! says:

      Jordan Malbrew who tf was talking about cardi see now you’re creating unwanted drama….damn bitch

    • Manai Sheffield says:

      Buddy Rare u sound dummy retarded. Did U forget that nicki did come out from the Bottom and stacked her way up. She from queens, New York. And once upon a fucking time she didn’t have shitt. So go get your facts straight then come back and talk to me . Conversation over PERIODT

    • Buddy Rare says:

      Manai Sheffield You obviously didn’t read my comment properly. Man yall nicki fans is funny af ??

  14. bellaantonia b says:

    I love the original song better?Nicki minaj messed it all up.Sorry just my opinion.

  15. Shining Star says:

    Eric bellinger Tory Jacques’s kcamp Bryson or ty dollar sign

  16. Sun says:

    Y’all ruined the song

  17. Simply_ Gabby says:

    The original was so good,and simple.
    No one asked for this shit.

  18. Penny Proud says:

    Nicki just had to get her Wack as rhymes in ???

  19. Sincerely Amor says:

    She keep saying the same thing in her songs now… Nicki sis…. ??‍♀️

  20. Ask Nathaniel says:

    This remix is wack…just leave the song alone it can’t be remixed it’s already too hot for this wack remix

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