Ellen Cooks Up a Huge Surprise for Food Critic Kalen Allen!

Ellen Cooks Up a Huge Surprise for Food Critic Kalen Allen!

Ellen’s favorite internet food critic, Kalen Allen, visited for the first time… and she had a huge surprise for him!

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43 Responses

  1. dihaaad_jr says:

    i love you guys❤

  2. Seohyun Yuyu says:


  3. Meg Tarraf says:

    Love ellen

  4. choi seung hyun says:


  5. Luis Larios says:

    I love seeing underdogs win! Bless Ellen for making people’s silly dreams come true

  6. hunter Collins says:

    I’m a boy from Kansas to

  7. santa cecilia says:

    I love his OOTD…

  8. Morgan Hughes says:

    early squad where u at

  9. Big Reputaytions says:

    18 minutes

  10. Jihyun Kim says:

    I love this guy 😂

  11. Apple Kim says:

    Who was waiting for this….. 😂😂

  12. hana bakkoush says:

    ahhhh i love him his positive energy is infectious 💛

  13. Jeon Jikook says:

    I love him i’ve seen all his videos he’s hilarious, he’s got charisma and he’s so honest I was waiting for this ever since she mentioned him

  14. Hi Hi says:

    He will be a great addition to the Ellen show #justsaying

  15. Andrea Echeverría says:

    Kalen is so precious 😂 please protect him

  16. Annie Rodriquez says:

    My lil gay woody from
    toy story love his hat☕💋

  17. Keisha Thomas says:

    Lol I love Kalen his videos kill me and Ellen is very nice for helping him out.

  18. Melissa B says:

    this makes me so happy

  19. Megan Weller says:

    Just found my new favorite YouTuber 😛 Also low-key his hat makes me think of Paddington bear

  20. gloria and miriam says:

    The lucky guy is here

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