Ellen DeGeneres On Caitlyn Jenner’s Gay Marriage Stance

Ellen DeGeneres On Caitlyn Jenner’s Gay Marriage Stance

Daytime talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres opens up to Howard Stern about her interview with Caitlyn Jenner and how she reacted to questions about gay marriage.

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7 Responses

  1. Dimitar West says:

    Ellen is my queen ❤

  2. IXM360 says:

    Caitlyn Jenner – using her transgender status for monetary profit since

  3. Sammy Boy says:

    Caitlyn Jenner is a hypocritical attention whore who deserves whatever kind
    of flack she gets. How can someone be against the very community that she’s

    Just keep swimming, Ellen. Thank you for being so classy about it all.

  4. justin b says:

    Caitlyn likes chicks right. That makes her a lesbian. And she’s against gay
    marriage. Wtf is wrong with that tranny!!

  5. Mac Buckingham says:


  6. voongnz says:

    Someone is recording, someone is directing. So please release these shows
    somewhere!! The show is missing that visual element.

  7. BOB ABOOEY says:

    Bruce is just confused & fucked up in the head,he needs to come to the
    Stern show & talk to Doctor Stern.