Ellen DeGeneres On Coming Out, President Trump, Her Prank War With Matt Lauer | TODAY

Ellen DeGeneres On Coming Out, President Trump, Her Prank War With Matt Lauer | TODAY

TODAY’s Matt Lauer spoke with Ellen DeGeneres about her new show “First Dates” as their still-raging prank war continued. Twenty years after coming out of the closet as gay, Ellen tells Matt she wishes she’d done it sooner. She also explains why she would not want to have President Trump as a guest on her daytime show.
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Ellen DeGeneres On Coming Out, President Trump, Her Prank War With Matt Lauer | TODAY

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20 Responses

  1. Simply Caramel Pineapple says:

    Ellen is such an open person it makes me happy lmao.

  2. cristina solano says:

    I can’t believe both are my mom’s age. I’m 34.

  3. JohnG500 says:

    I would love to see Trump on Ellen. That would be amazing. They would really have a debate and talk about it. It’s beret to talk and debate instead of not talking at all.

  4. Mrobles says:

    So much for being tolerant and freedom of speech. It’s obviously one sided

  5. Rexcetera says:

    Ellen is willing to say on TV what many people are afraid to say in private. Ellen is a goddess!!!

  6. Kylo Targaryen says:

    If we want to heal the divide in this country, we ALL have to be open to having a discussion with those who have a different perspective! No matter how much I may disagree with a person in power, if I was asked to take a meeting with them I would jump on it and have zero hesitation whatsoever! That’s what’ll get America back on track! Conversation, not tweeting! I guess I should note that this is coming from someone who leans a little more conservatively so………

  7. Laura VanVliet says:

    3:29 That was the most adorable “no”

  8. elchinio RL says:

    I <3 Ellen she's one of the most genuinely kind and pure human being you'll ever see on TV

  9. Jennifer McLeod says:

    Ellen was angry people banned her and she herself do the same thing to Trump! So biased!

  10. YumYumOrYuck says:

    Ellen said that she would rather he didn’t come on her show – but previously said twice that he was welcome to come on.

    See the difference?

    So stop trolling.

  11. JC401 says:

    Ellen is 60 Years old!!!!!? Holy cap good genes

  12. Johnny Mnemonic says:

    She should change her name to Ellen DeGenerate – it would fit her perfectly.

  13. Global Threat says:

    Ellen Degenerate.

  14. Jessica Mills says:

    Ellen is a coward.

  15. Alec Gany says:

    I love how Ellen talks about accepting those who believe different from you and then won’t even let Trump on the show.

  16. Infinite Faith says:

    NWO puppets what a joke brain washed Americans. Wake up stop being cowards and get some courage

  17. Johnny Dick says:

    Ellen is such an icon for her community I love watching her show, she makes me so happy even when I’m having a bad day!

  18. John Henry says:

    She is disgusting…

  19. thechosendude says:

    She must really hate America. So sad to see all these anti-americans.

  20. Charlie Brown says:

    Love you Ellen. You are an example for the rest of us. We are all human with our feelings and wants.

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