Ellen Keeps Up with Kourtney Kardashian

Ellen Keeps Up with Kourtney Kardashian

The Kardashian sister chatted about everything from Kendall and Harry to her bond with Bieber. Her sister Khloé even joined in on the fun!

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19 Responses

  1. usman syed says:

    That vocal fry is killing me!!!

  2. Kaiyan Jiang says:

    Kourt is an awesome mother to three kids

  3. abdi1983 says:

    kim is more pretty.

  4. Tania Huq says:

    The only Kardashian I can tolerate.

  5. haider ali says:

    She sounds mean

  6. Ghada Bieber says:


  7. kbg12ila says:

    Why is this trending?

  8. Capone Dickson says:

    Ellen must be getting desperate…

  9. zoala001 says:

    she is dating justin B? really? its like she is dating her son!!!!

  10. DiniTech says:

    I don’t really like watching basketball, I just watch it to find out who
    the next member of the Kardashian family will be.

  11. Roman Lindner says:

    omg the kardashians are sooooo irrelevant

  12. Laurie Cramsie says:

    And who gives a _ about Lamar, who was found overdosed in a brothel?? PIG!
    Sorry, but no way would I have taken him in if I was her if he was in a
    brothel. Line drawn.

  13. Mali MakeupMinnie says:

    saw this on kourtneys instagram page, had to pop over shes like my fave
    kardashian <3

  14. Emmett Miller says:

    Kourtney kardashian is sexy

  15. Twilleh says:

    It’s like an adult talking to a child.

  16. Chris Dahlke says:

    Kardashian cunts!

  17. laura j says:

    you can always count on ellen to put people on spot ?

  18. jblouguet officiel says:

    There are french ? ??

  19. VeeFamily TV says:

    Love Ellen!