Ellen Meets the School Bus Driver Who Saved 20 Kids’ Lives

Ellen Meets the School Bus Driver Who Saved 20 Kids’ Lives

After Renita’s school bus burst into flames, she courageously saved the lives of all the children on board. Hear all of Renita’s heroic story!

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19 Responses

  1. lover Slime says:

    even though I live in hongkong I still watch Ellen show

  2. Alli Song (Chevon) says:

    Who the hell cares about who’s the first commenter? This woman saved 20
    young children!

  3. Jake dreamer says:

    Ellen is the most Humblest Sweetest person .. Wish her many more years of
    happiness and success ..

  4. Luna Chachki says:


  5. SuchAsAdam says:

    there is dislikes?
    oh gosh! how?

  6. Anushka Kotian says:

    Since when does theEllenShow enable the comment section ?

  7. maikolosav says:

    How come the comment section is on in a video that involves a non

  8. Jay the grime kid says:

    who dislikes vids like this. some people just have a heart of stone

  9. Bruno H says:

    5 dislikes, WTF? ??

  10. Mr. Potato says:

    She is so cute. Thank god for people like her. Where are the bus drivers
    like her because in my town all the bus drivers look like they about to
    drop off the kids and go drive straight into a river because they hate
    their lives so much

  11. miguel torres says:

    I spit my cereal crying….

  12. Kookoo Loucks says:

    I think she deserves something more then 20,000$ ☹️ she is a real super
    hero ??

  13. grav3yardsoul TM says:

    i genuinely think that people who say sh*t about black people should watch
    this video.
    I mean as you can see NOT.ALL.BLACK.PEOPLE.ARE.ON.BAD.BEHAVIOURS. And i’m
    not black, i’m italian and not so proud of my kind of skin for obvious
    reasons about what is happening in recent times all around the world, i am
    proud instead for this people who might be black (or chinese or indians or
    whatever could be), but they all have a red heart just like the rest of the
    world, and when i see people like this woman? Man, i just simply stay, and
    bow myself silent.

  14. Robert Moto says:

    I loved the way she says “my babies”

  15. BabyCena says:

    Who else is here before the comments are disable

  16. MobWorld says:

    i wish this lady the best. she seemed like such a genuinely good person.
    running back into a burning bus? simply amazing

  17. OfficialHolyhunter0 says:

    Hats off for this woman. She had saved many young lives.

  18. Big Mumma J says:

    that lady is an angel!

  19. NickWarnerMedia says:

    is no one else wondering what was burning? why would a bus just burst into