Ellen Pompeo & Katherine Heigl | Actors on Actors

Ellen Pompeo & Katherine Heigl | Actors on Actors

In their Actors on Actors conversation, Ellen Pompeo (‘Grey’s Anatomy’) and Katherine Heigl (‘Firefly Lane’) reunite on camera for the first time since Heigl’s exit from ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ where they discuss the early days of the show and the controversy around Heigl’s exit. Ellen Pompeo reveals how she felt during Meredith’s goodbye episode of Grey’s and if she will reappear on the show, and Katherine talks about working through the heavier moments in ‘Firefly Lane.’

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43 Responses

  1. Nu says:

    this is Katherine’s well deserved renaissance.

  2. NIVEA says:

    20 years of Grey’s Anatomy and Katherine Heigl is still the only Emmy-winning actress from the show. I know that must really piss off the people who fired her.

  3. christpoetry says:

    this was everything. so happy this happened and Katherine got to tell her story and take back the narrative 🫶

    • KSB0228X says:

      Please bring Izzy back- she has stories to tell and deserves an apology and a chance to shine again on that show. Doesn’t have to be a long engagement- but a correct one

    • Butz Imperial says:

      True. I’ve always been on Heigl ‘s side.

  4. Liazy says:

    Such a genuine and honest conversation. I love how Ellen and Katherine are unapologetically themselves.

  5. Michael T says:

    “The Ugly Truth” fans know how good Katherine is.

  6. Lightworks says:

    I love that Ellen is in a space where she can poke fun at how ridiculous some of the moments on the show were. She’s not holding back and you can tell Katherine is holding back. Makes sense why.

    • Nana Sakvarelidze says:

      why? could you please elaborate? Thank you

    • Shaye .J says:

      ​@Nana Sakvarelidze kathryn heigl was bashed through the media for speaking her mind about negative things about greys anatomy, like Isaiah Washington or harsh working conditions on set.
      She rarely held back her tongue about those things and was labeled difficult to work with or egotistical (supposedly around the time of winning her first emmy for the show). Pompeo has no problem doing things like that.

    • Megha Singhania says:

      @Shaye .J Because Ellen would not face any backlash like Katherine did!

    • Amber Wilmot says:

      @Shaye .J But she did just talk about she didn’t of course go into deep detail but it was so obvious that what it was she talking about when she mentioned her “soap box” and “mega-phone” so she did and she even admitted to it about how she let herself be a victim to the rejection she got. She saying that she knows now what she didn’t know then.

    • Bri says:

      @Amber Wilmot that was actually my favorite part of the whole video. I wanted her to go more in depth, but loved loved loved the part her when she says she started trusting herself again when it came to who she actually is! So powerful. I feel like with all the rumors, they never really gave examples of how she was “difficult” or “ungrateful”. Now Ellen is applauded for maybe even that same attitude.

  7. Notbonitabutstressita says:

    “There’s two role roles women fit into. The victim or villain. People will only see you as one thing. And the women who are victims are only victims because they don’t have the guts to be the villain.”


  8. Stephanie Sargeant says:

    I imagine it must be difficult for Katherine to listen to Ellen being so vocal and bold about certain things when it’s the very reason why she basically lost her career in the first place. A lot of people would’ve never made the reconnection and held resentment and anger etc. it’s beautiful to see these two women speaking so candidly about such a formative shared experience!

    • clovebooksdiva says:

      I thought this too! Very gracious of her!

    • Mione134 says:

      I agree.

    • Anna says:

      Wait how was she the reason? I thought the network and show runner were the reason for her leave?

    • Mione134 says:

      @Anna  Katie spoke up about not feeling like she deserved an Emmy nomination due to the quality of her work, which at the time her storylines weren’t great. So she asked to be taken out of the running. Shonda and co, felt slighted that she said that. And it opened up a floodgate situation that essentially got her fired. It was ridiculous, especially now when women can speak up and disagree and critique their work or show. Katie didn’t get to do that at the time and was labeled difficult and it’s sad.

    • Mione134 says:

      @Anna see response below 🙂

  9. 7on1s ASMR says:


  10. Style Intersection says:

    This warms my heart especially after all they put Katherine through. Glad to see her doing so well now again

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