Ellen Reveals She Called the Academy to Help Re-Hire Kevin Hart As Oscars Host

Ellen Reveals She Called the Academy to Help Re-Hire Kevin Hart As Oscars Host

Ellen told her friend Kevin Hart that she contacted the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in an effort to get him re-hired as host of the upcoming Oscars.


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48 Responses

  1. Theavengersofficial says:

    Kevin Hart speaking out the Hollywood industry down to earth real just like Dave Chappelle exposed the Hollywood industry when doing an interview for students wanting to become actors! Just before they cloned him… Pathway for Kevin looking similar

  2. Sadia says:

    how can america elect the most racist homphobic little brat astheir president and not let this amazing man have 1 night doing his job

  3. Tierney Endres says:

    I completely agree with him! I don’t care about the Oscars but it was definitely an attack on him.

  4. Jimmy is Promo says:

    This is such a real show. I love it.

  5. the gamer says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Ellen DeGeneres
    Is amazing too

  6. Abena Agyeiwaa Acquah says:

    I totally agree with him they wanted to destroy him

  7. Urfa Amber says:

    This is the reason why I love Ellen she is soo understanding and supportive❤️❤️and does everything to make things better❤️❤️

  8. Victoria Ibarra says:

    I guess you could say Ellen has a big *hart*

  9. MusicBankTv says:


  10. Mikaze says:

    Wow, Kevin is serious i dont like it. It just shows how real he is when stuff is important.

  11. Kimberly Johnson says:

    Kevin said that someone should take a stand against the trolls. The most impactful stand should be taken by you, Kevin. Host the Oscars and take a stand to say, “not today or any other day, Satan; you can’t destroy me”!

  12. Cici Jefe says:

    I love Kevin so much and I understand why he stepped down. He was disrespected by the Oscars and now they’re struggling to find someone. Well Oscars, you effed up. Too freaking bad. There should have been no ultimatum. As much as I would love to see Kevin host the Oscars and as much as I understand what Ellen is saying about the haters winning… Kevin tried to ignore the hate, but he was given an ultimatum by the Academy that he couldn’t ignore. I think if I were in his place, I would’ve done the same thing. It wasn’t fair and I don’t think he’s letting the haters win, I think he’s standing his ground. His power over the haters and his choice to ignore the haters was taken from him when he was forced into an ultimatum by the Oscars.

  13. Martin Dekov says:

    He didnt even interrupt her for a second .. amazing

  14. Zainab Zeyan says:

    The comments aren’t disabled?!

  15. TheOrryginal says:

    Ellen is just SUCH a good human being, her soul is so divine, wow! Love her ❤️

  16. HaZeMode says:

    “Small group of people, being very very loud” definitely stealing that. Love you Ellen!

  17. XPL0RR says:

    “I’ve been attacked”

    So you show up in defiance of that. You don’t shrink and shy away.

    • Christycat35 says:

      XPL0RR—He didn’t shrink or shy away from anything. He stood up in the face of the all or nothing everybody is offended mentality of today and WALKED away. Proud, strong, and not playing any games. He’s a bigger man for this in my eyes!

    • crysta nick says:

      You gotta watch part 1. He’s not shrinking away. He didn’t want the focus on him instead of people winning their first awards.

  18. Cynthia Lungu says:

    This is very hard for me watch, you can see that a light has been snuffed out of him by this. Don’t let them get your joy Kevin, hang in there❤️❤️

  19. K says:

    The world is getting way too offended by everything nowadays. That pisses me off too much, 10 years ago, we could say what ever we like (as long as it is sensible), without any need to worry about the backlash. Now even the slightest thing you say will be taken, to bring your whole career down. Everything you’ve worked for, all of the hard work you’ve been in to get to where you are.

  20. kyle nicholson says:

    So we just no longer believe that people can change, grow, or genuinely apologize for something and admit they were wrong for something they said 10 years ago…? How are we supposed to grow and heal if we cant believe that other people have grown and learned? He was totally attacked it’s out of control.

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