Ellen’s Performance with Madonna and Taylor Swift

Ellen’s Performance with Madonna and Taylor Swift

You may not remember seeing Ellen on stage when the two music icons performed together at the iHeart Radio Awards, but she was there alright.

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20 Responses

  1. A shakira Lover says:


  2. Kira Dean says:

    Sophia grace and rosie NEED TO BE ON ELLEN MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nthaby Mphayi says:

    Ellen is hilarious though

  4. Crystal Wut says:

    Dear Ellen, I want to meet the people who does all these editings! They
    clearly knows what they’re doing!

  5. Maya Zaman says:

    This is very funny and love the edit it looked so real 

  6. Gwinny james-reynolds says:

    How could you do that to a violin :'(

  7. Mare Rc says:

    jajaja… ayy Elle,,,,

  8. Cameron Wilson says:

    The scary part is the editing looks kinda real lol, love queen M.

  9. Irene Ascencio says:

    OMG i cant stop laughing. Serioudly im like crying of laughter when she
    pulled her hair

  10. Hanzz GM says:

    Jaja i love you Ellen

  11. hussien mohy says:

    Nice video

  12. Destiny love says:

    U make me crack up

  13. sbhudson20 says:

    Am I the only one who noticed the violin bow was way too tight?

  14. Lisa Brunetti says:


  15. Qiu Chen says:

    thats sooooo funny!! it make my days!

  16. Arsya Qiquega says:

    wow, how can she do that :D

  17. Ayaki ღ Kiren says:

    *Poor violin :(*

    *xD this made my night-*
    *watching ellen before you sleep is totally good for your health~*

  18. Divya Velar says:

    Ellen is So hillarious….

  19. Amina Hussain says:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha that really made me laugh. anyone else?

  20. Octavianus Yonatan says:

    omg, this is really hilarious :’D