Ellicott City Flash Flood 7/30/2016

Ellicott City Flash Flood 7/30/2016

Video taken from the 2nd floor of Portalli’s Restaurant on Main Street.

Please feel free to share this video with the purpose of reporting the news of this devastating storm that hit beautiful downtown Ellicott City. Please send thoughts and prayers to those affected by this event.

–Branden Cromwell
Resident of Pasadena MD

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19 Responses

  1. Paul H says:

    Paul Beckwith bought me here.

  2. Daniel Panuco says:

    what were the damages to the city?

  3. Master of the Underground Race of Potatoes says:

    “Obviously it’s not very safe to go outside right now,”

  4. adamcharney says:

    I live in Howard County and drove through here earlier in the day. I had no
    idea things had gotten this bad later in the evening.

  5. The-ham-show says:

    What kids nigga tries to drive in this BRUH XD

  6. Lucas Green says:

    Oh my god

  7. Anne Kuria says:

    So sad

  8. Hunter Dunham says:

    I heard that a highway got flooded

  9. Sam-pson Smith says:

    something to remember isn´t that nice.

  10. chrono.st says:

    The safest place to by in these kind of events is outside of Ellicott City.

  11. Cindy Weir says:

    Everyone just sit down and relax…forget you saw people floating by. Geez!

  12. Cookinitmax says:

    Thanks late night

  13. Douglas Rower says:

    I noticed many people were talking with God

  14. Gavin Thomas says:

    Amazing video, really shows how quickly things can change.

  15. LOW NFLOW says:

    I stopped watching at 31sec, because of the devastation to my thought
    process from the ” P ” word… I have no respect for adults that play this
    ridiculous game !

  16. Storyful News says:

    Can you contact us about this video please: editor@storyful.com Thanks

  17. F2F Tech says:

    Check please!

  18. BALLOON!!! says:

    It has to be weird looking at that from a window. Especially seeing cars
    footing by with people inside.

  19. Paola Chavez says:

    Hi Branden Cromwell, did you take this video? If so, can ABC News use it on
    all platforms and partners with credit to you? Glad you’re safe!