Elly De La Cruz stole THREE BASES in the span of two pitches!

Elly De La Cruz stole THREE BASES in the span of two pitches!

Watch Elly De La Cruz steal second base, third base, and home! Presented by @ZipRecruiter

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47 Responses

  1. Randy Watson says:

    Man does he know how to make the absolute most out of every opportunity to play. Such a smart aggressive player.

    • no further west says:

      why did the pitcher not throw it better to the catcher when he stole home? isn’t that ironic

    • Anthony says:

      ​@no further westprobably because he was caught off guard and not expecting that at all

    • Ry says:

      @no further west Brewers did a terrible job holding him on 2nd and 3rd. Nobody even went to cover 3rd when he stole that bag and then when he was on 3rd, the 3rd baseman was too far off the bag so he got a big lead and when the pitcher got the ball he had his back turned and took a lazy walk back to the mound and De La Cruz took notice and took advantage.

    • Bart Simpson says:

      @no further westbecause brewers were lazy and probably didn’t read scouting report

    • Jared Hettler says:

      ​@no further westbecause most times they don’t whip the ball back and forth. They lob it. In between pitches is usually when the pitcher is thinking about the situation and what he’s going to do next. That’s why people like EDLC and Acuna are so dangerous. You can’t take a moment off.

  2. Anthony G. says:

    Definitely got to love his tenacity and aggression. Dude has the necessary skills to be an absolute force for the foreseeable future.He’s definitely the real deal!

  3. Max jimenez says:


  4. Steven P says:

    This kid is a phenomenon. Never seen anything like him.

  5. Nate P says:

    He KNEW that if he could steal 3rd with no one covering the base, he could take that HUGE lead towards home with no threat to throw behind him. This kid is something else!!

    • OhioRed45 says:

      Agreed. This was poor play by the Brewers 3rd baseman!

    • TheIcecreamtaco says:

      I’m inclined to call the stealing of 3rd defensive indifference. That’s how unbelievably lackadaisical the 3rd basemen was. But I guess it counts as a steal if the pitcher or catcher make a motion to throw? Or can it not be indifference if you’re the lead runner? Is it only in walk off situations? Kinda weird to me. I don’t even want to take away from Elly, it was just frustrating to watch. Stealing second and home were obviously 100% legit though

    • Emily says:

      Yes this kid is something else!!

    • keef94 says:


    • Brandon Vise says:

      Don’t think it can be indifference because they were holding him on 2nd before the pitch. Not 100% sure, but that would make sense to me.

  6. Sam says:

    I love Votto leading the Elly chant after he steals home. This team is not only blessed with the most exciting kid in baseball, but also the best and most humble veteran leader in baseball 💪

  7. leafbelly says:

    The fact that just about every person in that stadium saw what he was doing before the pitcher had any clue is amazing. I love listening to the crowd’s reaction, which gets the pitcher to finally turn around. Elly knew the only person who mattered was the guy holding the ball. Those are some incredible instincts.

    • David Pearce says:

      I love that the crowd is thrilled by what happened in spite of the fact that it’s an opposing player that did it.

  8. Mr. Sandman says:

    The way that Elly can completely RUIN a teams defense is unreal. He had the brewers absolutely lost when he stole home. His hitting is getting more consistent and he’s learning to be aggressive at the right times, not just all the time.

    This kid is something special and I can’t believe he’s on the Reds. Finally we have a team to rally behind!

    • Vitesse says:

      Manfred lets everyone make the playoffs though so it only matters in the postseason “tournament” which shouldn’t even exist

  9. Lesco Brandon Coleman says:

    Every day I’m like….ok, what’s Elly going to do today? He’s fun to watch. These rookies for the Reds have energized the team.

    • steve meters says:

      They have something like 8 rookies all playing great ball and genuinely contributing and none of them are making over 3 mil. Think Votto comes off the books this year and then the Reds have an enormous amount of money available to spend and amazing talent that’s costing them nothing. And Greene, Abbott, and Lodolo look like a legitimate high end rotation. Plus, Diaz is becoming a lockdown closer. The Reds have very serious potential. Pick up a good veteran catcher for leadership and a few bullpen pieces, and they could maybe make a run.

    • Lesco Brandon Coleman says:

      @steve meters and the Reds are still paying Ken Griffey, Jr. making 3.59 million this year.

    • steve meters says:

      @LescoBC  good for Jr. lol

    • firedude4021 says:

      @steve metersI think the reds should still sign votto to a 1-2 year deal he still has some gas left in him

    • Jim Bob says:

      ⁠@Lesco Brandon Colemanand we are still paying most Mike Moustakas 2023 salary. Joey Votto, Mike M, and Ken G jr. Are making a combined 51 million this year

  10. Haywood says:

    Elly is a monster. Baseball needed this season big time. The increased runs, hits, stolen bases, etc were much needed. Hope there’s more changes to come because I believe the game still needs another uptick in overall offense.

    • randall rhoads says:

      plus the best change of all…the PITCH CLOCK!!…im loving these 2 and half hour games.

    • Redmenace96 says:

      Finally somebody for ESPN to talk about besides sluggers and HR numbers. The kid is batting .328.

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