Elon Musk booed by crowd after Dave Chappelle introduces him on stage

Elon Musk booed by crowd after Dave Chappelle introduces him on stage

The new Twitter owner, Elon Musk, was booed for almost 10 minutes after he was introduced on stage by comedian Dave Chappelle on Sunday at the Chase Center in San Francisco.
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‘Ladies and gentleman make some noise for the richest man in the world,’ said Chappelle, as Musk walked on stage with his two arms in the air expecting cheers to ring out. The footage, originally posted to Twitter by a deleted account, showed Musk appearing caught off-guard as the crowd booed continuously, preventing him from getting a word in. ‘Cheers and boos, I see,’ said Chappelle in response to the crowd’s reaction. ‘It sounds like some of the people you fired are in the audience,’ added the comedian shortly after.

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60 Responses

  1. Heyons says:

    Bro forgot Twitter isn’t the real world

  2. Eu-Ming Lee says:

    C’mon Dave, tell your friend Elon that they weren’t booing. They were actually chanting, “booo-urns.”

  3. Aeden’s Fantastic Channel says:

    Bruh Got The Whole Squad Laughing

  4. bradlbe says:

    Exceptional camera work

  5. InfinityDz says:

    I’m glad we’re no longer living in a world where everyone fawns about how brilliant Elon is but instead in a world where he gets booed off stage, and the greatest part is that he did it to himself.

  6. Nathan DTS says:

    Love how frazzled he is. The man is so deep in an echo chamber that he bought a social media site and he just got a dose of reality.

    • Geralt Rivia says:

      @Worthless Opinion a guy getting booed off stage is funny, if you think that’s sadistic you are pretty soft ngl. ❄️

    • Lord Kars says:

      Twitter was an echo chamber before Elon musk, you understand that correct?

    • Nathan DTS says:

      @Matt Rider Literally asking what he should say. He’s practically a child that forgot their line during the school play.

    • Nathan DTS says:

      @Worthless Opinion It’s called schadenfreude, bud. There is a small level of joy in seeing bad people suffer, even if it’s just Musk getting his feelings hurt.

    • Nathan DTS says:

      @V F The man only cares about his business interests and being thought of as a visionary.

      I promise you that he took those boos hard.

  7. Eduardo Morel says:

    This is the moment that Elon became a super villain, this is his Homelander moment.

  8. Nameless Person says:

    Elon Musk is proof that money can’t buy class.

  9. Mathieu Leader says:

    Musk is like the annoying kid on a flight who keeps your kicking your chair

  10. gabnsab says:

    Musk saying that only around 10% booed him (the poorer people in the nosebleed seats) is like Trump saying that 1.5 million attended his inauguration (250K is closer to the truth).

    • JT G. says:

      No no no, millions cheered, hundreds booed

    • mike yanno says:

      @Sapoty Brook ok, so what SPECIFICALLY is he doing that’s not fair to the left? I’m not even a Republican, I’m a true independent so what I see is him being fair to BOTH sides. So I ask again, give me a specific example of what he’s doing that’s unfair to the left!!! How about you use your own opinions and observations instead of repeating garbage you hear?!!!!

    • Rifle scientist says:

      Or 6 million died when I was closer to 200k

    • Lord Kars says:

      Just like those mysterious ballots at 3 am too

    • Pauline Viverette says:

      Any way you cut it, Dave is still in his tree! He made a mistake on this one! If he seems to extricate himself from the clutches of association with Elon Musk, he will have started down the road of losing all support leading him back into that rabbit hole of retirement and seclusion in Ohio! He’s got to explain himself! But trying to explain this will only seal his extrangement from his fans! Hope you saved some money, Dave! Because you won’t be making much more!

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