Elon Musk Monologue – SNL

Elon Musk Monologue – SNL

First-time host Elon Musk talks about why he loves Saturday Night Live and shares what he was like as a kid.

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49 Responses

  1. SILVER SPADES says:

    Idk why but I felt so proud of him when he pulled this off

    • ___ says:

      @Patrick Richardson First of all, you are misquoting me, what I said was… “he makes way to much money to NEED to be liked so much.” Second of all, what do you think you are doing? You think you favor him because he is just so funny and witty and the champion of the working class? Get real.

    • SwagToastBoi 64yt says:

      Just wanted to comment on here before it hits the 500 cap & can’t comment snymore

    • Reuben Salter says:

      @Better Than Pessi Building brown bricks with Moincrap. It’s the most fun you can possibly have.

    • Beeg Ames says:

      Damn, he pulled you off?

    • Tu Anh Duong says:

      @ben shepherd you’re a putz

  2. Bobby Misner says:

    THE OJ JOKES hahahahahah

  3. WelcomeToAlcatraz says:

    Elon Musk speaking with his Mom is like watching two AI’s chat bots attempt to have a conversation.

  4. FalconsViewpoint says:

    Elon and his mom’s convo will soon be trimmed for use in some English as a Second Language textbook audios.

  5. Black Obsidian Jo says:

    I have aspergers too, I was 18 years old when I found out. Even though I am opened to all my medical problems I have always felt ashamed for being on the spectrum. Thank you Mr. Musk for being open about the subject

  6. socksOnUrFeet says:

    The fact he made and programmed a mother just for last nights show is amazing

  7. Tsebo L says:

    “It’s like reducing OJ Simpson to a murderer – it was one time” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Rebecca Howat - aka Crazy Autism Mama says:

    I showed this to my son who also has aspergers. Thank you for giving him an idol to look up to

    • Jerry Gil says:

      How awesome! I have aspergers too and he was great

    • Anaïs Cardot says:

      I don’t think that a guy that basically says “I have Aspergers so it’s not that bad if I tweet mean things” is a great example for anyone……

  9. Liam Danger Park says:

    “I reinvented electric cars and am sending people to Mars – did you think I was also going to be a chill normal dude?”

    • Anna Heya says:

      Lol who defines normality

    • CreativeStudios says:

      @Anna Heya Teh majority of people lol.. if most people generally act the same and have the same instincts then they are considered normal.

    • Rydz says:

      He literally did neither of those things lol.

    • H S says:

      he didn’t “reinvent” electric cars he isn’t the creator of tesla, and just performs NASA contracts on a subpar level
      because he’s a well connected businessman

  10. Tyler says:

    “It’s like reducing OJ Simpson to murderer, it happened one time” *Norm Macdonald liked that*

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