Elsa shoveling the hockey rink.

Elsa shoveling the hockey rink.

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14 Responses

  1. Vidman says:

    Cute! Where are you from?

  2. Storyful says:

    Hi, Aaron here from Storyful. We love your video and we’d like to offer you
    a licensing opportunity that would get your video much more exposure in the
    media and allow you to earn money along the way. Please email
    editor@storyful.com for more details.

  3. Terri Gonzalez says:

    Hi Greg- Adorable Dog! If our producers love it- can we get your permission
    to show it on our newscast in Dallas? Telemundo 39. Thanks! Teresa

  4. Jenny Earl says:

    Hey, Greg! Loved your video. Would CBS News be able to use it across all
    platforms with credit to you? Also, if possible can you shoot me an email
    — would love to have a little more background information… You can reach
    me at jennifer.earl@cbsinteractive.com. Thanks!!!

  5. Ainsel's_Aegis says:

    he wants to play so he is getting the ice ready while you have breakfast
    ….. extra treats for him :)

  6. ABCNewsPermissions says:

    Hey Greg I work for ABC News and we would love to use this on Good Morning
    America! Please let me know of the possibility and what screen credit
    requirements should accompany this amazing video?

    Thanks so much 

  7. Crazy Funny Cats says:

    That was sweet but a little short

  8. Rich Handsome says:

    What a waste of 10 seconds of my life

  9. Mitali Panganti says:

    Elsa wants to build a snowman…

  10. Stun Gun Stunna says:

    Every time I ask my dog to take out the garbage it just goes to sleep. Can
    we trade dogs for a week?

  11. mrdevonify says:

    Now for the final trick…….raking leaves and mowing the lawn!

  12. Georgian Grec says:

    Does she do laundry as well?

  13. falguni patel says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:DVD hbgt

  14. Goof Grabber says:

    This is garbage. This sad excuse for a dog knows absolutely nothing about
    shoveling rinks. Every kid worth his salt knows that you never, and I mean
    never, shovel snow diagonally towards centre ice. Only a chump or an
    ignoramus would attempt this. This so-called dog is doing nothing more
    than promoting its own selfish agenda by attempting to sarcastically mock
    and mimic the actions of human beings. As you well know, sneaky and
    dishonest dogs like this attract a certain unsavory element, as part of
    their entourage. An extensive investigation has revealed that this canine
    has been linked to an increase in shoplifting in his neighborhood.
    Obviously, I cannot support this, and for that reason I am out of here.