Emilia Clarke Wants More Male Nudity On “Game Of Thrones” – CONAN on TBS

Emilia Clarke Wants More Male Nudity On “Game Of Thrones” – CONAN on TBS

CONAN Highlight: Emilia thinks there should be more equal opportunity nudity, AKA, “Free the penis!”

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20 Responses

  1. siemensohm says:

    shut up and get naked

  2. SuperFgdgdg says:

    Wants Male nudity, has it in her contract that she no longer has to do need
    scenes. Hypocritical much?

  3. Crystof Dan says:

    no, im not, thanks

  4. Rain Bow says:

    I want to see Varys naked.

  5. Ryan Moss says:

    agreed this is the equality I can get behind …. badumm tiss

  6. DJ Gee says:

    Male showing penis on screen is equivalent to girls showing their

  7. Samuel says:

    “Talk about that”? Where have you lost your interviewing skills, Mr.
    O’Brien?! Have you no manners, boy?

  8. Mickr4 says:

    I’d rather see less female nudity than see dicks on tv -.-

  9. Midwest Misfit says:

    Are we forgetting that we were treated to some full frontal Hodor a couple
    seasons ago?

  10. Ravenveinz says:

    Why is Andy always around now? Boring

  11. TheJuanAndOnly says:

    More you say? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. Diggo says:

    the reason they got her naked on the show was so people would actually be
    interested in her character because she’s a terrible actress.

  13. ZOMG Gaming! says:

    she wont get naked anymore but she wants more naked men what kinds feminist
    bullshit is this. The female body is beautiful a work of art. The male body
    is just dreadful we dont need to see penis all over the place ew

  14. Akama says:

    She’s gotten fat. – Robert Baratheon

  15. kevjtnbtmglr says:

    hard sausage

  16. Ryan Boyer says:

    I want her to show more nudity! Anyone else?

  17. Daniel cee says:

    So much better looking with blonde hair and dragons

  18. Sin7TV says:

    Complains about getting naked on show, then asks for more male
    nudity…….. It’s not a porn Jesus

  19. Christian Matos says:


  20. Tran Vo says:

    Hello finally someone understands