Emilia Clarke Watched Game Of Thrones Nude Scene With Her Parents – The Graham Norton Show

Emilia Clarke Watched Game Of Thrones Nude Scene With Her Parents – The Graham Norton Show

Emilia Clarke’s nude scene…

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19 Responses

  1. KeeptheFaith says:

    She is so much better than that annoying Jennifer Lawrence.

  2. Morgan Blood says:

    I made a GAME OF THRONES skit, don’t miss it :)

  3. Bonbadil Moi says:

    if i was her dad, i would have probably destroyed the tv with my shoes and
    go to the next bar.

  4. AGGMontezuma says:

    Is it me or does she really wanna bone joey

  5. rJUSTINr1995 says:

    Stupid feminazi

  6. Sagarfja says:

    como les olera la rajada

  7. Mini Manson Official says:

    When, half the title is cutt off in a list with other video’s, that was

  8. Joe Welch says:

    She’s so nice !!!

  9. TheoKabala89 says:

    “Hello!” ?

  10. Razy (AKA Chocolate-Thunder) says:

    graham norton is the best host. everyone always feels so comfortable and
    its like a bunch of people hanging out with an audience.

  11. marsipannable says:

    Oh god cant believe people are calling her fat! What world am I living in?

  12. Deadpool says:

    What’s with her eyebrows?

  13. Jester2b04 says:

    omg they are sitting awfully close to each other ,it be so uncomfortable.
    but she’s such a charmer and made everything less awkward..except for the
    chick next to her who looks kinda lost

  14. Shona Kelly says:

    Why is Emilia Clarke so adorable

  15. hardwirecars says:

    god she is adorable

  16. alex lee says:

    Emilia pulled a lena heady and had her face cgi’d on top of a naked
    woman…….unfortunate but true

  17. Raad Learner says:

    It’s like nature actually creates such beautiful woman destined for
    greatness like Emilia !

  18. Amy Spiritual Mama says:

    Why is everyone suddenly making such a big deal out of this nude scene?
    First of all, she’s done so many nude scenes already in previous seasons
    and the other ones have been far more explicit and for sure more
    uncomfortable to shoot (and watch afterwards). With this scene it wasn’t
    sexual at all and the scene itself was so epic that it sucks if the main
    thing you’re taking away from it is the nudity :/

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