Emily Blunt Finds The Idea Of Mary Poppins A Little Creepy

Emily Blunt Finds The Idea Of Mary Poppins A Little Creepy

‘A Quiet Place’ star Emily Blunt discusses the enjoyment of playing Mary Poppins, and the strange feeling she gets when thinking about the character.

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71 Responses

  1. A Guy Who Knows A Guy says:

    Krasinki you lucky mfucker.

  2. amphiskioj says:

    for a second I could’ve sworn the title to this was “Mary Poppins Finds A Blunt”

  3. GrandiaKnight says:

    Has she read the books? They are pretty dark.

    • Neli Leen says:

      really ? were they? I remember having read them , or at least one of the books when I was a kid , but I can’t actually remember much

    • SirBlot says:

      If you wanted to get fancy the umbrella was probably musical notes drifting to that lady. Would have to watch it again, not doing that. lol

    • Andrew Ollmann says:

      Neli Leen Well, from what I remember, the first book had the chapter, β€œThe Bad Day,” wherein Michael is just in a terrible mood, and so is a little shit to people. He sasses Mary Poppins, bothers his sister, knocks about stuff on the kitchen table, and finally cracks a porcelain plate with a scene painted on it. Eventually, the people from the scene invite him and later on tell him that he has to stay forever because the crack in the plate is a spot where the child from the scenes ankle is placed, meaning it’s broken. All this to remind Michael to keep his temper!

  4. Sophia W says:

    Why upload videos at 4 in the morning, why am I up at 4 in the morning

  5. ernesto garcia says:

    So full of class, love this actress.

  6. HeikkiP says:

    Excited for A Quiet Place, I love Emily in Looper and Sicario

    • SirBlot says:

      Honorable Catsmeat it depends if you smelled it, then I will believe you.

    • Karen Ling says:

      it opens april 6th

    • Yuliya Galeczkaya says:

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    • Michal Motyčka says:

      Me too, and not just that. It’s a family project and a debut and it seems to be doing great from first reviews from festivals. And I kinda really, really root for them and for horror movies nad for Krasinsky as is his debut. *rant over

  7. psydcha says:

    jim you lucky mofo. totally understand ditching pam for her

  8. Alanna Gallo says:

    Why are they cutting the introductions now?

  9. Akshay Anand says:

    Watch out, the Disney Snipers are coming!

  10. Nandakumar K says:

    She’s so classy yet so underrated.😭 Human personification of practical perfection. ❀️

  11. Ryan Robotham says:

    I love Emily because she can go from being really classy one minute to using really foul language then going back to being classy again. She’s hilarious.

    • The Sensational One says:

      Ryan Robotham To is Americans the British can say anything and it sounds classy to us lol
      In reality they are a bunch of Hicks

    • HenryDavidT says:

      That’s quite true about Blunt. Many people try that routine, and they either come across as fake, exaggerated, or out of place. Not this woman. She could literally go from one, as you said, “classy” moment to being a foul mouthed person and still being hilariously funny.

      I think it’s part of her personality, that she could have all those different aspects of different characters within herself at all times.

      I caught her being that when she made light of being American citizen (said she’s too ignorant of the culture to be a real citizen) and still wanting to remain loyal to “her majesty” (whom she also made fun of, literally, within the same breath)!

  12. JungleEddie says:

    I enjoy her laugh

  13. Bruno Ferreira says:

    I was sold on Emily Blunt since Edge of Tomorrow and Sicario. Now im a massive fan.

  14. F. N. Lorter says:

    She’s Kristen Wiig’s British sister.

  15. Have a photogenic day says:

    Please don’t cut the introductions ☹️

  16. Gabriel Santos says:

    I’m sad Emily Brunt is losing her British AccentπŸ™ƒ

  17. elzeus13 says:

    I’m Mary Poppins ya’ll.

    – Emily Blunt

  18. lazyperfectionist1 says:

    “…because torturing animals is one of the signs of a sociopath.”
    Oh dear. 😳

    • rashmi cp says:

      lazyperfectionist1 ha ha

    • melanielandon96 says:

      I’d say “oh deer”, more like it…

    • BulletFarmer2 says:

      lazyperfectionist1 I think the other two behaviors strongly associated with psychopathy are setting fires and bed-wetting.

    • Hugo Lalumiere says:

      +BulletFarmer2 I’d easily add trolling and internet posting, not implying anything here. I just consider most internet trolls to be sociopaths and YouTube to be a breeding ground. πŸ™‚ And FYI, sociopathy and psychopathy are two different things. You can dislike people without having the need to pull their limbs off.

    • BulletFarmer2 says:

      Hugo Lalumiere yeah, but since Stephen was bringing up that thing about animal cruelty, I thought it was appropriate to mention those other two things.

  19. mmomj83 says:

    This lipstick color is so great on her 😍

  20. John Wilson says:

    “Because I’m in labour, and can’t make a sound because there’s some kind of hideous creature coming.”

    I think that’s what Katie Holmes said too.

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