Emily Blunt performs No Diggity on Lip Sync Battle

Emily Blunt performs No Diggity on Lip Sync Battle

Emily Blunt brings the house down with her performance of No Diggity by Blackstreet. Spike presents Lip Sync Battle, Thursdays at 10/9c.

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Lip Sync Battle is already a huge viral sensation. Now Spike is taking it to the next level with its very own show, hosted by LL Cool J and with colorful commentary by social media maven, Chrissy Teigen. Each episode will feature two A-list celebrities like you’ve never seen them before – syncing their hearts out in hysterically epic performances. The mic is off, the battle is on!

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18 Responses

  1. Lexi P says:

    His face when she starts dancing on Anne lol!!!!!

  2. HamVevo says:

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaass >>>>>

  3. WillKai Kamal says:

    Emma Stone should be in this!!

  4. bungalaix says:

    Emily is so hot but Anne Hathaway really did deserve the belt. She should
    have the Rock’s and Common’s belt too coz those two sucked

  5. justthatgirl100 says:

    Hey spike! put the whole clip up, you’ll get million of views and still
    make $$$…… just look at Jimmy Fallon, he puts full clips up and gets
    tons of views

  6. Arjun kandola says:

    We all want to see will Smith and Carlton from fresh Prince hahaha

  7. Maria k says:

    Team Emily

  8. Mr Ciclope Craft says:


  9. Elise Lambert says:

    Emily Blunt grinding on Anne Hathaway…. i dont think i can take it!

  10. Michelle Chung says:

    Queen of Genovia vs. Queen Victoria, tonight at 10/9c.

  11. xtremenator2 says:

    Thank god the Hathaway has started to grow her hair out again. 

  12. Manu Ginobili says:

    Can I marry her 

  13. Mona HJ says:


  14. Brandi Brown says:

    idk what the female equivalent of a bromance is but anne and emily clearly
    have one

  15. Hakeem Mulholland says:

    I like the way she moves…

  16. Daniela Pardo Schwindt says:

    She’s got some moves! I love her! i can’t believe she had a baby :s

  17. Davis says:

    Put this show on Hulu Plus for goodness sake!!! (>.<)

  18. MajoMedina92 says:

    I need CPR like… right now. Damn!