Eminem Beefing Michael Jackson BACKFIRED 🥩 | #shorts

Eminem Beefing Michael Jackson BACKFIRED 🥩 | #shorts

I respond on IG (say wassup):

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48 Responses

    • Tsino says:

      Fact check yourself before you wreck yourself

    • Matthew Hensley says:

      Did you actually research any of this?

    • myajanette says:

      Dude this story is all messed up. If you want people to respect the content you make, you should probably do some more research before spreading false information.😭

    • サハラ says:

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    • Florin beby says:

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  1. Dinosaur Pancakes says:

    Imagine losing an argument so you just buy the person you are arguing with

  2. TheAbbadon says:

    MJ really just went and bought his company due to a diss track made about him dang

  3. Nikau Briggs says:

    If you can’t beat them, buy them
    -Sun Tzu the art of buying shit

  4. J K says:

    That’s a fucking BALLER move, holy shit

  5. MrStrawCloud says:

    The only person who “owned” Eminem in a beef.

    • Elisa says:

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    • Adira Ganida says:

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  6. Letsgony says:

    Eminem: Imma end this man’s career
    Michael Jackson: Imma buy this man’s career

  7. DJ Skandalous says:

    This isn’t true, he bought a portion of the catalog. Em took his catalog rights from his owned Eight Mile Style publishing to Kobalt in 2007 and then signed a new deal with Universal in 2009. Reports say Em licensed 225 compositions to Kobalt. You rolling with urban legends now. Eminem even got in a lawsuit with Kobalt vs Spotify in 2019. So it wasn’t Sony ATV.

    • Silver Storm says:

      @Brandon Talley _BRANDON, ARE YOU THAT SIMPLE!!! Do you “overstand” the definition of LEGACY…MJ’s beginning dates back to 1969…he transitioned in 2009…a career that spanned 40 years .. it’s the longevity that is the legacy. Em will NEVER impact the world artistically/creatively as MJ. Em is recognized in 1 genre and it’s a genre that didn’t derive from him … undoubtedly he’s good… he’s just not the BEST!!!

    • IvyTeacher Wilson says:

      @Mike M. Same🤣🤣

    • Retarded Fish says:

      Ty these dumbass’s making me mad with spreading fake content

    • DJ Skandalous says:

      @Trip maybe if I want outside more I would be like you with no subscribers. 😂💀

  8. Shamoy Williams says:

    He bought a portion of Sony and got his back catalog.

    He also bought the Beatles publishing rights for 47mil out bidding Paul which is wild asf.

    • Rex Smith says:

      That’s actually really fucked up IMO. It’d be one thing if all the Beatles were dead and MJ wanted to help preserve their legacy but when one of the people who created all of that music is bidding on their own fuckong stuff, let them have it. That’s some shady bully shit from MJ in that situation.

    • Shennine says:

      @Rex Smith Paul wasn’t bidding. 2 times that catalogue went for sale & he refused to bid both times.
      In an interview he explained it was Yoko who thought it was overpriced n he didn’t want to bid without her.
      Holmes a’ Court, who sold the catalogue to MJ, recounted Paul himself said the catalogue was too ‘pricey’.
      But Mike always gets flack for that shit. The industry-media never really liked that HE owned the most prized catalogue ever, gave him plenty of shit in the tabloids after that.

    • Richard Hobbs says:

      @Shennine yes, he totally didn’t OD, no, he was definitely killed

    • Richard Schaefer says:

      @Shennine no Em left to a better establishment. In like 2 years

  9. b says:

    In a beef, he was the only one who “owned” Eminem.

    • SaturnsGod says:

      @noreen akhtar how do you know he stole it? There are millions of people on YouTube ofc some people are gonna say the same thing

    • *you just got beaned* says:

      @noreen akhtar they are getting mad bc of a few things, one: calling anyone a bot when they are verified and comment on a video, and while this user could be a bot, if they aren’t then you are just being a part of the problem, two: you are saying that they stole a comment, while you are here saying the most unoriginal thing (bot), and three, the fact that you commenting on these type of people that you apparently hate means that they get more views and will therefore be shown to more users

    • Emptyman says:

      @SLAV BOI yes really, why tf would you beef with 45 year old mj, and if he woulda dropped a diss eminem wouldnt be as big today

    • first name last name. says:

      Except he dident own him. At all. This video is super wrong

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