Eminem – Guts Over Fear ft. Sia

Eminem ft. Sia – Guts Over Fear

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20 Responses

  1. Derek Dynamite says:

    She doesnt really have a skin issue. Its really not the point. The world
    needs to figure out what there going to do and calling others names isnt
    going to be the answer. I love eminem as a human being because hes a child
    of God. I love all of you. Start with Love.

  2. Antoine flamant says:

    guys, eminem said ” be ready for 15 years more “

  3. Mario Smash says:

    Fuck off people that’s not SIA!!!!!!!

  4. Benjamin Ranieri says:

    Fuck yeah EM, that Was good

  5. Gasti W says:

    this is pretty good

  6. jorge alberto says:

    very good song, but who’s that girl?, where is sia ?

  7. TheJewyTurtle HD says:

    Sia looks scary…

  8. AARON JORDAN says:

    SIA looks ugly

  9. Elisabetta Moretti says:

    Just AMAZING, i love you em, thanks for everything.

  10. bryan aguirre says:

    el mejor mariko tu eressn el mejor cuando en colombia

  11. resendezjacob says:

    Just so everyone knows, the person singing Sia’s part is NOT Sia.

  12. RiRi Avenged says:

    That’s not Sia. I think that’s how her skin really is. Im not sure though
    but that’s not Sia.

  13. Bashayer Nouri says:

    For all people “”This is not SIA !”” she is a model and her name is
    : Chantelle Brown-Young such a flawless women <3 :D

  14. 636CCs Forthewin says:

    My guts couldn’t conquer my fear of polka dotted females.

  15. Awesome Builder says:

    Omfg, so many haters, don’t judge other people by the color of their skin,
    I mean cmon its the song that matters, so be positive you dumb ass bitches.

  16. Aris Gotze says:

    equalizer <3 

  17. Erverson Felipe says:

    Powerful lyrics. 

  18. Janelle Johnson says:

    #shadymania Love him and his music SOOO MUCH

  19. Chris Rosen says:

    The fact the Iggy won the Ama’s is disgraceful. Eminem tells a story
    through his lyrics with true meaning every song. Safe to say that award is
    worth nothing..

  20. Ama D says:

    That’s NOT Sia! This is a black girl with a skin issue with a blonde wig. I
    just looked at pictures of the singer and its not Sia. Then who is this?