Eminem | Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson

Eminem | Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson

Will the real #MarshallMathers please sit down for a rare and revealing conversation on the set of his new music video #Godzilla ? Yes he will. Don’t miss #MikeTyson and #DrDre cameo in the new #Eminem video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_0JjYUe5jo

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89 Responses

  1. D'mond G says:

    – Mike “If anybody said anything bad about Cus I would kill them”

    – Eminem “I believe you”


  2. Austin Polson-Wabie says:

    “If I wanted to see rich billionaires fight, I’d step outside Beverly Hills”

    Eminem’s first burst of laughter lol loved it!!

    • Creqmiinibs says:

      @Josh Rentos nah he laughed hard but doesn’t show it.. Or try to at least Lil

    • Austin Polson-Wabie says:

      Lol okay there grammar critics. I watched this interview as it premiered and I came back with a comment earlier this morning with respect. My mistake for misinterpreting what he said word for word and it was a chuckle out loud, I’d call it a burst because he couldn’t contain it to himself lol

    • The Gaming says:

      Austin Polson-Wabie I don’t appreciate how you edited your comment and put the timestamp I commented in order for you to get more likes, yet you didn’t edit millionaires into your dumb comment.

    • Professor Who says:

      @Josh Rentos lol

    • Austin Polson-Wabie says:

      @The Gaming lol I did fix the entire thing I was wondering why it stayed the same except the time stamp I beg to differ lol but there you go big baby’s

  3. A-M-P says:

    Mike Tyson exploited the deep dark human nature in savages when he said “I hurt people and my life got better so I wanted to keep hurting people.”

  4. Alex_Inside says:

    Imagine being called a God by a God.

  5. Rachid Bouftane says:

    “You have to give your happiness up to accomplish your goals” – Mike Tyson

  6. BlackBerry Molasses says:

    46:00 Mike told Em he’s the only white guy who knows what it feels like to be a n*gga and Em seemed to get flustered was funny!

  7. H Mel says:

    Mike Tyson has evolved into his final most powerful form. He is legit the closest thing we have to Yoda, powerful and very wise.

  8. Ishmael G says:

    “If you’re not crazy in this crazy world I feel sorry for you”
    -Mike Tyson

  9. Pema Chopel says:

    Em is nervous …in front of mike …”I feel like kid”

  10. Ali Stanton says:

    Em face when mike started talking about jerking off to porn is pricless 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Ummmm awkward

  11. DeVonte Easby says:

    “Why did you become who you were?” That set the tone for the entire interview.

    • Joe T. says:

      DeVonte Easby For better or for worse?

    • Moon Rise says:

      @Joe Reyes People always talk about rap WITHOUT talking about FEMININE boy wtf you tslking about? You MUST be white lmfaoooooo. Real True hiphop heads will NEVER include this gimmick. You will never understand bro

    • David Rodriguez says:

      Yeah Mike always starts off every interview with a hardcore question that sets the tone 👌

    • Maximus Reeves says:

      Em so serious..

    • Joe Reyes says:

      @Moon Rise I said what I said & those in the rap game who are chasing greatness & money will always mention eminem. You’re replying to my comment in your feeling like some offended bitch. I don’t care about you or your circles opinion. I was just replying to a guys comment who I agreed with

  12. ladyj469able says:

    Did he just confirm that he was in the VIP area with the Olsen twins getting coked up???!!🤔

    • ladyj469able says:

      Rasheed Lewis I think Tyson said he was in the VIP with one or both of the twins 👯‍♀️ and every one was doing coke! I’m sure I heard that right lol

    • rubek bruvi says:

      @Damaged Goodz deflect deflect… Can’t deflect those hillary Clinton emails and what was said in them can you. Keep the head deep in the sand.

    • rubek bruvi says:

      @Chokwe yeah.. Okay sheep

    • Chokwe says:

      @rubek bruvi Ah, there we go, good job. You used the almighty “sHeEpLe” card, the most powerful weapon mouth-breathing mental midgets like yourself have available next to “dO tHe ReSeaRch bRo, yoU’vE gOT tO LoOk iNtO iT.” How could anyone ever make a rebuttal to such a compelling argument, I wonder…

    • Tatjade Is a shitter says:

      @Chokwe Bro your efforts are wasted. This guy probably checks his dog’s asshole for government probes

  13. Romel G says:

    Either its me but seems like em was trying to hold back them tears telling his story and saying how mike is his hero

  14. Kippy Pierce says:

    Joe Rogan fans be like….. way toooo short. ( seriously wish they had more time tho. )

  15. Paul Davis says:

    “I need you to be in my “Godzilla” music video.”
    “I need you to be in my podcast.”

  16. Busby Legend says:

    Every Interview Mike Tyson hosts ends up sounding like he’s the Guest because Few people’s stories are more Epic and Iconic like Mike’s 😂😂😂🤦🏻‍♂️

    Great interview

  17. Bonnie says:

    Two GOAT’s in one space! We are so spoilt but can’t complain 😜

  18. R* says:

    “You’re not chopped liver yourself”

    I see what you did there..

  19. Scott says:

    The way em said “MAN” SOUNDED JUST LIKE he did when he said it in 8 mile. Crazy

  20. Hamid Adibzadeh says:

    Eminem and Mike Tyson being humble for 48 minutes straight.

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