Eminem – Phenomenal (Audio Only)

Eminem – Phenomenal (Audio Only)

Phenomenal, from the Southpaw soundtrack just dropped on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/EmPhenomenal



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20 Responses

  1. 11jjrmex says:

    +TheCdh123 “Fans”

  2. Hazel Ninja says:

    The Hook and bridge are fucking awful, the Beat is whack, and his flow is
    garbage now. Fuck This platinum blonde bitch/shell of a former great artist
    im giving up on him.
    He JUST cannot make good songs anymore.

    I blame his pussy ass yes-man that surround him.


  3. David Gonzalez says:

    Hi emnem 

  4. Thunderous Demon says:

    I’m a huge Eminem fan, but his music since Recovery has sounded practically
    the same. I know this is a song for a film, but it sounds the same. Lyrics
    obviously different, but the songs have the same vibe. That’s how artists
    like Kendrick Lamar thrive. Different sounds with different vibes and
    Eminem used that phenomenally, no pun intended, when he was commonly known
    as Slim Shady.

  5. Acitick says:


  6. Melot Hoxha says:

    god shit Em…phenomenal

  7. Hazel Ninja says:

    This Old, wrinkly, washed-up, platinum blonde haired,shell of a former
    great rapper, Opulent, speck of feculent scum needs to retire already…HES


  8. Jeffrey “Deadly Cyclone” Strike says:

    Em just drives me nuts lately.

    Em on other rapper’s/singer’s tracks = actually phenomenal
    Em on his own-produced tracks for his albums = Alright to bad.

    Like, Em, you can obviously still kill it, and Rap God was great, but you
    need new producers making beats for you. Change up your style. You’re
    amazing as a feature, use that to make a full album.

  9. Victoria Vera says:

    The chorus sounds like white america…. I love it. Shady never gets old 

  10. itsnikobro says:

    Eminem never fails to impress me

  11. Dick Dansom says:

    Boring for me, I miss when eminem started out and made fun silly music now
    it’s all so serious and emotional. Not my cup of tea, won’t say he’s not
    talented but he sure can’t make a song like he used to

  12. SpecialOPS beats says:

    Straight fire. Em is timeless. Check out some of my Eminem type beats 

  13. Николай Яковлев says:


  14. Sultan says:

    New eminem. Can be workout music. Inspired by SouthPaw.

  15. rjsyou says:

    All the people saying this is bad need to go fuck themselves a little
    harder… This song is amazing it is lyrically amazing and the beat is
    fucking awesome anyone saying its overproduced blah blah blah shouldn’t
    consider themselves a true fan because if you say you like an artist you
    wouldn’t hate on them randomly because of one piece of work and they ofc
    WOULD NEVER say it to their faces because omg dis person famous ima tell my
    friends I met them and didn’t talk shit but of yeah on YouTube you gotta be
    dicks to amazing people

  16. fredy Nu double N (Nu Double N) says:

    +M. Yousaf Hussain right!!

  17. Craig Hutchinson says:

    Huge em fan bought every album can rap every word to every song, was there
    in london last year to witness the god himself been listening to a 30
    second snippet of this song for two months now nd to finally hear the
    finished product well… what a fucking let down how can u drop a song with
    yelawolf that was mind blowing not to mention tech none speedom colab
    within the last month or so then drop sumit as shit as this, nd to the
    gimps on here saying ems been shit since mmlp and so on clearly don’t
    listen to the lyrics and deconstructed them this is the same rapper who
    disses the likes of Lil wayne, drake and Kanye on the same song and they
    didn’t say shitttt (rainman)

  18. dean kostrevski says:

    +dean kostrevski P.s this song is off tap (amazing [for those who dont know
    what dat mean])

  19. kendel244 says:

    Chorus was AMAZING! Vocals need to be a little louder though. And the lady
    with her solo kinda killed ems flow for me and i didnt really like her. But
    song overall was another great song! As long as Ems making music im beyond
    happy! Atleast 1 more album though hopefully!

  20. BROmedy says:

    Haha this shit is horrible to do white people actually praise this stuff?

    This is probably why white males make up 31% of US population but counts
    for 70% of all US suicides…pathetic