Eminem – Phenomenal

Eminem – Phenomenal

Music video by Eminem performing Phenomenal. (C) 2015 Shady Records/Interscope Records


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20 Responses

  1. hello OS says:

    What the fuck Apple Watch?

  2. Zayn Vevo says:

    i believe eminem he is a God because there is no real God just EM believe
    that and Mattybraps better than God #EM

  3. Dylan du 13 says:

    Dylan du 13 > Eminem > 2pac

  4. Tristen Hepp says:

    The new Sleeping Dogs looks great…

  5. Catalin Siegling says:

    That…Fuckin sucked. Get your shit together Marshal, or you’re actually

  6. Percie Motlatso says:

    Eminem is tryin to runaway from illuminati sh**t…this video shows it all

  7. Shin Gouki says:


  8. Jerrell Bishop says:

    I guess you could say he used “Marshall Arts” :)

  9. Marechal Star says:

    Esse cara é um mito. Ele é foda demais.

  10. Michael Smith says:

    4:14, that would be my exact reaction.

  11. Marcela Machado says:


  12. Crossy 85 says:

    Eminem for fast and furious

  13. Dakota White says:

    that was awesome

  14. Michael Gleeson says:

    The Phenomenal Bourne Identity Tokyo drifting Free running Eminem ✌️ Fucken
    sick video ?

  15. Simple Reviews says:

    EMINEM is switching up his game.

  16. refki altof says:

    OMG he meet Marvin Boggs!! :D

  17. Luisandro Lopes Vieira says:

    For one who doesnt understand whats going on
    Search…..() Eminem phenomenal illuminati Mk ultra control expoxed()

  18. Roy says:

    Rush Hour 4 With Slim Shady.

  19. NinjaHighLife says:

    Fuck yes.

  20. World Of Anime says: