Eminem x Terence Crawford 😮‍💨 Legendary Duo Combine For Iconic #SpenceCrawford Ringwalk 🎤

Eminem x Terence Crawford 😮‍💨 Legendary Duo Combine For Iconic #SpenceCrawford Ringwalk 🎤

The one and only Eminem walked Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford to the ring for his mega fight with Errol Spence Jr. in Las Vegas. #SpenceCrawford #TerenceCrawford

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50 Responses

  1. Frédéric Slimane says:

    It’s going to be very hard for any boxers to beat this ring walk in!!

  2. F Dot says:

    Em introducing him, not rapping and walking away halfway to not take away Bud’s shine is dope to see.

  3. Cinemachoice says:

    Love how EM made a short walk and decided to allow Crawford to focus on the fight, EM just disappeared into the shadows. Legend

  4. ChicoCash Fitness & Entertainment ☑️ says:

    Only those born in the 80’s and 90’s would understand this ring walk ✊🏽👑

  5. Jake Morgan says:

    Soon as I heard Eminem was walking out Crawford I knew he was gonna put on a masterclass 🔥
    🐐 x 🐐

    • Fong says:

      Not black folks… they don’t even like ‘Em… most of them didn’t even have Bud winning.

    • xcalib3rr says:

      @Fongthis is such an old and outdated take. It’s only jealous haters that don’t like em

    • MinoritymyAss _ says:

      I’m Black and definitely had Bud winning. Eminem should have done a live performance for this fight. Crawford deserved more. Two thumbs down for Eminem.👎🏿👎🏿

    • Roy Munson says:

      ​@MinoritymyAss _purposely told him he’d walk him but wasn’t turning it into an eminen concert and taking the shine. It was a classy move by em.

    • Rock Fresh says:

      ​@FongI had bud winning wtf em gotta do with anything this was a weird post

  6. Dsabanovic27 Demo111 says:

    Man look at Bud’s eyes! He is a stone cold killer! Nobody can beat that man!

  7. Kevin Taylor says:

    Man, I’m so happy for this dude! A story of faith, resiliency and redemption. Now, he will be talked about among the GOATS!
    Big up to Bud!!!

  8. Paul Evans says:

    Eminem rarely does interviews/public appearances. The fact that Crawford got him to introduce him is crazy

    • TheRealHB says:

      This was t something got paid for he came to watch this fight

    • Abu Dhabi says:

      He did it for free

    • Malibu Noir - Ethereal Sound says:

      @Abu Dhabiyeah that wouldn’t surprise me from Eminem he does thing out of respect

    • Ste Flan says:

      Terrence is currently eminems favourite boxer

    • Novus Ordo Seclorum Rex Baptiste says:

      Real men operate/move by stealth privately in silence cloaked in secrecy in the shadows behind closed doors or from behind the scenes away from the noise in strict or absolute or total or complete or intense secrecy shrouded in mystery hidden in plain sight

  9. Raphael Dawkins Combat Radio says:

    Damn, he came with the fishing net for real 🤣😭😂 What a performance.

  10. ONLYONE KLEAN says:

    The crowd singing it word for word is amazing

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