Emma Chamberlain Goes Boxing & Shopping in L.A. | 24 Hours With | Vogue

Emma Chamberlain Goes Boxing & Shopping in L.A. | 24 Hours With | Vogue

For the YouTube star, a typical day in Los Angeles involves getting coffee, working out, applying lip balm while she’s driving, going to the beach, and hanging out with friends. She is, after all, an 18-year-old. Vogue recently went along for the ride, trailing the Bay Area native from a boxing class at Rumble to Target.

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Emma Chamberlain Goes Boxing & Shopping in L.A. | 24 Hours With | Vogue

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57 Responses

  1. Brooke Naumcheff says:

    “Just got out of rumble”

    *in a completely new outfit and full hair and makeup* ?

  2. Elle Jayde says:

    4:19 anyone else see the girl just follow Emma and take a picture of her????

  3. The Shadiest Of Them All says:

    kinda felt bad for the girl who started crying when she saw emma and the mom was like StOp CrYiNg…also congrats Emma for being featured in vogue..soon youll attend the MET gala..sending love

  4. isabella moron says:

    is no one going to speak about the girl at 4:22 that came up behind emma and took a photo of her?

  5. keith richardson says:

    No F-Bombs for 10 min. I thought her head was going to explode!!

  6. Mabel Hough-Silcock says:

    Everything about Emma is just amazing. She doesn’t deserve all the hate she gets. Literally the most unproblematic, genuine, nicest, prettiest humans on the planet ❤️❤️

  7. Julia G says:

    She gets so much hate and is literally a super unproblematic YouTuber. So happy that she is successful in what she likes doing

  8. L L says:

    Emma Not cussing, with Open hair and make up on?! What did you do to her vogue??
    Also I think what your dad said is so true not many people could say that about themselves. You can say whatever about the “Influencer” thing but that’s still pretty cool.

  9. Akankshya Barua says:

    Me at 18 – sleeps. Eats. Netflix
    Emma at 18- vouge, louis vuitton, thriving

  10. Amalia Martorell says:

    Still thinking about the fact that she’s only 18

  11. Kasia says:

    Beauty community: a mess
    Emma: picking plums for Vogue

  12. Basic Billy says:

    When I started watching Emma 2 years ago I never thought she’d be here I’m so proud.

  13. ArianaIzaguirre 0 says:

    The mom saying stop crying while taking the picture ??LMFAOOO

  14. Jeanne Lois Caminade says:

    Watching Emma be Emma is honestly so therapeutic. She’s such a breath of fresh air in the YouTube world.

  15. Lola Boy says:

    Lol this girl is 18 looks like 16 driving around in a nice Mercedes in LA. I wish my life was this luxurious.

  16. Abigail Davis says:

    Omg emma needs to go to a cat cafe like this if you think she should

  17. Isya Yuniardo says:

    this girl still cant stop talking about plums I LOVE HER

  18. Hugh Lennon says:

    Her voice makes me feel like I need to clear my throat

  19. Mary worede says:

    It is so funny that she has more subscribers than vogue?

  20. Erica Serle says:

    emma’s living the dream life like she can go to the beach whenever and you can tell she’s way happier recently!! i love her sm

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