Emma Chamberlain & ROLE MODEL Take a Couples Quiz | GQ

Emma Chamberlain & ROLE MODEL Take a Couples Quiz | GQ

It’s the Couples Quiz! In this episode, we’re putting Emma Chamberlain and Role Model’s relationship to the test. They ask each other all sorts of questions (and hopefully know the answers).

See more about Emma and Role Model here: https://www.gq.com/story/gq-hype-emma-chamberlain-role-model

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44 Responses

  1. mona says:

    i can’t believe we’ve got to a point in their relationship where they’re open to doing interviews together!!

  2. Kung-Fu Kenny Family says:

    It’s hard to believe Emma just turned 21. She has such a wise, mature side to her. I really dig her vibe. Never seems to be trying too hard and I appreciate her spirit.

    • R says:

      Stop obsessing over celebrities and go live your own life. You praise these people for the bare minimum

    • tubular girl says:

      I saw this exact same comment word for word in another video y’all are annoying

    • John Le says:

      cringe lol. its weird how cultish these influencers fans are

    • Ellia John says:

      @Paul Elroy In defense of general self-starters, Emma is more than a YouTube personality. There are plenty of young rich people who are abusing the influence they have, but the thing that most people respect Emma for is her ability to be true to herself and evolve like the rest of us. Her not having to try to have a talent in itself is a talent. Clearly she is though, because she has 12 million people to back her up and has multiple successful businesses.

    • Paul Elroy says:

      will never understand how youtubers are looked up to so much. shes no doubt a nice person but has zero talent only made big and rich by kids with terrible taste. someone her age should not have the money and fame she has without the talent to back it up

  3. doaa says:

    Wow. They match their vibes. They get eachother with just looks. So happy for Emma, and Tucker.

  4. Amelia Dimoldenberg says:

    They’re so funny

  5. Lock Tay says:

    I am just so happy for Emma that her boyfriend is also her best friend. Those are the best relationships!!

  6. tiffany fang says:

    it’s so weird seeing emma not by herself but if its with tucker im all here for it

  7. Standing Appa says:

    Emma and Tucker both being obsessed with timothée is so personal to me. Need them all to be besties asap

  8. Kung-Fu Kenny Family says:

    Role model is the perfect blend of rock, hip hop & r&b, he looks like he would be the star of an early 2000s coming of age movie.

  9. Standing Appa says:

    Tucker is so real for saying Timmy chalamet instead of timothée. He’s a real stan

  10. Lauren Vannucci says:

    They’re the most normal celebrity couple I’m crying

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