Emma Stone’s Elf Character Caught Orlando Bloom’s Attention

Emma Stone’s Elf Character Caught Orlando Bloom’s Attention

‘Maniac’ star Emma Stone sits down with Stephen and Dwayne ‘The Dog’ Johnson to discuss her new position in elf-specific popular culture.

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71 Responses

  1. Ro G says:


  2. Le Docteur says:

    Stephen never misses an opportunity to show hoff he’s a big LotR nerd

  3. Nix Buniel says:

    4:03 is where they talk about elves

  4. Vip V says:

    I didn’t watch the interview at all. I was focused on the sleeping puppy 😍

  5. Kiana Jai Mae says:

    Stephen didn’t hear what Emma said… She said, “I’ll do anything with you.” A few people in the audience caught that. 😂😂😂

    • Jo Nyu says:

      He did but she’s “a kid” and he’s a gentleman.

    • ferallemur says:

      There are plenty of talk show hosts who flirt with their guests. Craig Ferguson and/or Conan O’Brien would have been all over that innuendo. But that’s not who Stephen Colbert is as a host. He’s a happily married man who is not generally interested in pretending otherwise (with the notable exception of his comic flirtations with Jane Fonda on the Colbert Report), and when Emma Stone says, “I’ll do anything with you,” it makes perfect sense that his interior monologue would be, “Great. The thing I want to do is watch LotR!”

    • lily weatherwax says:

      I think the mismatch is that *she’s* crushing on *him*, but not the other way round – I get the sense he genuinely sees her as, like, a daughter? That age? Whereas, she’s more like the crush teenagers sometimes get on a middle-aged high school teacher. Just a guess 🙂

    • Saiker says:

      He did, but tried to dodge it, and from that point the interview got a bit awkward, you can see he didn’t know what to say.

    • digiryde says:

      @TanTheMan. True that. Its not Craig Ferguson doing the interview.

  6. Simon Manikkam says:

    I swear this whole interview felt like a bit.

    • Loveblanket says:

      Congratulations, Simon. You’re officially the last person on Earth to understand that all of these talk show interviews are rehearsed beforehand and have been since the 1950’s. Good work, detective.

    • Hussein Nour says:

      I really cant tell if youre being serious, but if you are being serious, then “You’re officially the last person on Earth to understand that all of these talk show interviews are *NOT* rehearsed beforehand

    • IceCola says:

      I’m guessing you’ve never had a good conversation with anyone in your life.

    • Elisse says:

      +Loveblanket man, you coulda been a bit kinder, not all folks know these are rehearsed. Speaks to how well crafted they usually are. Peace, bud.

  7. The Trusty Sidekick says:

    Cirdan the Shipwright is the oldest living elf in Middle Earth at the time of the books.

    • Michael Gangemi says:

      Are you sure it isn’t Galadriel from Lothlorien? She came to MiddleEarth along with Feanor and the rest of the Elves when they left Valinor in pursuit of the Morgoth and the Silmarils. 🙂

    • Natty poos says:

      No. Cirdan was one of the first elves, those awoken by Iluvatar in the Cuivienyarna. Galadriel was a third-generation elf, born after her kinsfolk had travelled to Valinor, in the Year of the Trees 1362. So she was born 1362 years AFTER Cirdan was born. (Or rather, awoke.)

    • Michael Gangemi says:

      Excellent! Gotta love LOTR scholars. I forgot Cirdan went back that far.

  8. Phil Chao says:

    couldn’t stop smiling. she’s such a delight

    • nahor88 says:

      She and Jennifer Lawrence are two of the most authentic actresses in Hollywood. You could literally just run into them at a random bar and have no idea they’re famous.

    • Rob says:

      At the end, Emma shoulda said Duane we’re gonna watch Lord of the Rings for the first,..err sixth time.

  9. Tosh T says:

    *_”Are you a big fan of when Frodo meets Dumbledore?”_* 🤔😂 Good one, Stephen.

  10. SlavjanA says:

    Maniac was VERY good.

  11. dothedeed says:

    Just binged Maniac – Its outstanding

  12. Sanjeevani Banerjee says:

    All I saw was Dwayne the dog Johnson

  13. Paul Workswellwithothers says:

    I swear whenever Stephen mentions the word “fantasy” you can see the gears turning in his head trying to figure out “how can I shift this conversation towards LOTR without it seeming forced?” and it always seems his segues to LOTR always seem calculated but he has this look on his face like “man that segue was smooth” and it never really is.

    It’s hilarious.

  14. Gold8neye says:


  15. Philosophy Gamers says:

    Oh great, she’s half elf/ half Hawaiian. You can totally tell.

  16. Md Navid says:

    this interview was pretty weird

  17. Ludovic Turlier says:

    “We’ll talk about this backstage”… when it’s so awkward you’re not even trying to hide it anymore

  18. Burgermeister says:

    This interview felt more like a date where between 2 people who met through an online dating site, but the matching kinda messed up. Nerd meets girl

    • killerblingxbl says:

      Emma: I’ll do anything with you, Stephen.

      Stephen: Cirdan the Shipwright is the oldest living elf in Middle Earth at the time of the books.

    • Zach Nichols says:

      Nerd quizzes girl on elves and LOTR, then tells her that Orlando bloom is slightly prettier than she is. 10/10 gonna be a second date

    • Emily Ascepiter says:

      Um, so the only personality type for women is ‘girl’? Is everything just a shitty 80s movie in your head disconnected from actual human personalities?

  19. Stoney Lonsome says:

    For everyone who picked up on the awkwardness all the way through this piece- it was because Emma was having a wardrobe malfunction. Her skirt kept trying to hike up her leg, she finally covered it with her hand sort of after trying to pull it down several times with no luck. I’m pretty sure that’s why she brought the puppy out in the first place, to sit in her lap and cover how short that skirt was when she sat down. But the puppy wouldn’t stop squirming at first, making it worse- and they kept putting the camera on the puppy calling attention to the problem. I felt sorry for her.

    • Elisse says:

      I mean. How about dont wear such a short, awk skirt?! I see this often. Makes me uncomfy every time! I practiced sitting when I was 11 for crissakes, why cant these celebs think ahead?? You really wanna look that uncomfortable, twitchy and distracted thru the whole damn interview? BC, WE ARE. Love u tho Emma. 😋

    • Eddie Panedi says:

      maybe one day, women won’t feel like they have to ‘show off’ their body to be popular.

    • Charlotte says:

      Eddie Panedi Maybe one day men will stop caring about how women’s bodies look and policing women’s behavior..

    • Eddie Panedi says:

      @Charlotte – I know we are few and far between, but not every guy is like that. It does take emotional maturity though and women absolutely mature faster than men.

  20. EpicMike says:

    Skinny Jonah freaks me out

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