Emma Sulkowicz, CC ’15, walks across Columbia College Class Day stage with mattress

Emma Sulkowicz, CC ’15, walks across Columbia College Class Day stage with mattress

Emma Sulkowicz, CC ’15, walks across the stage at Columbia College Class Day with her mattress. If you are interested in using this video for your publication, please contact usagerights@columbiaspectator.com.

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20 Responses

  1. m says:

    This is amazing. I cried watching this. What an incredible triumph.

  2. Stopgivingout Yourpersonalinformation says:

    So why does she carry the mattress? Is she asking to be actually raped this
    time, and providing a useful surface for it?

  3. Hiedra Venenosa says:

    i will like to know the real story behind this, without slut shame, without
    misogynist comment or insults just the real facts. no bull shit

    • Ash Kitt says:

      +Hiedra Venenosa
      Basically, a Columbia student named Emma Sulkowicz was in a relationship
      with another Columbia student named Paul Nungesser. They dated for a while,
      and one day she asked to have sex with him. They had sex, and Emma claims
      that in the act Paul raped her.
      She took it to Columbia’s campus tribunal, and they deemed Paul not guilty.
      She took it to the police, but she didn’t want to spend her time working
      with the police to have a formal investigation.
      During this time, she was performing a work of performance art where she
      carried the mattress that she and Paul had sex on, saying that she would
      continue carrying it until Paul was expelled from Columbia. Paul claims
      that this performance was designed specifically to ruin his life and defame
      his character, so in response he’s suing Emma for damages caused by her
      rape accusation.
      However, other students have claimed that Paul raped them as well, so
      there’s that to consider.

      It’s a clusterfuck of he-said-she-said nonsense with zealots on both sides
      using it to try to destroy the other side, with feminists using it to
      attack men and anti-feminists using it to attack women, and anyone with
      anything resembling a middle ground position being deemed a “rape apologist
      MRA” by one side and a “mangina white knight” by the other. It’s
      essentially become a proxy war for a larger movement against sexual assault
      in college campuses, with one side claiming it’s a crisis in which 1 out of
      5 women are allegedly raped on college campuses with the administrations of
      the colleges turning a blind eye to the accusations of rape, and another
      claiming that this movement will ultimately be harmful to students’ civil
      liberties and will create a climate of hostility and fear between the
      I personally believe that there is truth in both sides of the debate, but I
      still consider myself a feminist (sex-positive) because they’ve done more
      good than harm ultimately in their opposition to restrictive gender roles
      and their promotion of sexual liberation.

      Hope that helps! ^w^

    • Hammerhead547 says:

      +Hiedra Venenosa

      Basically she was involved with a guy, they went knocking at her backdoor a
      couple of times, then she started acting like a clingy possessive psycho so
      he broke up with her and in retaliation she falsely accused him of raping

      He was cleared by the school and the DA didn’t press charges because there
      was no evidence that a rape even happened effectively exonerating the
      innocent person she wrongly accused so she decided to make a spectacle of
      herself for attention.

    • Glen Roberts says:

      +Ash Kitt
      I don’t know the entire story but the little bit I do know seems to
      collaborate with exactly what you said. I’m literally in awe over the fact
      that I read a logical comment on YouTube. I’d give you a trophy if I had

    • Ash Kitt says:

      +Glen Roberts That does seem to be the case. From what I’ve seen, the facts
      do seem to line up more on Paul’s side and less on Emma’s side.
      Unlike many of the commenters, I do not automatically assume an alleged
      rape survivor is lying, and in other rape cases (Steubenville for example)
      I’m totally on the side of the survivor.
      I would also say that if Paul is expelled, and he really is a serial
      rapist, then congrats, you just set a serial rapist loose on the streets!
      Oh, and by illuminating COLUMBIA PROTECTS RAPISTS on the wall for everyone
      on Broadway and 116th to see, I could imagine a rapist thinking “I should
      totally go to Columbia. They’ll protect me!”

  4. Michael D. says:

    That mattress must be full of shit stains from all the anal she had on it.

  5. CaptainDerp says:

    Chink and Kike? That’s twice the soullessness.

    • oguns iron says:

      +CaptainDerp throw emma sulkowiczbergsteinblatt down that damn well that
      borat was always talking about. Then throw the mattress in the pizza oven!

  6. SteveUrkeI says:

    This woman is a disgrace to humanity.

  7. John Galt says:

    Did she get consent from the mattress before forcibly bringing it onto that

  8. Yukiho Hagiwara says:

    Put too much into her act to quit now. Still goes up with the cum rag
    despite being told not to.

  9. Eizi Eizz says:

    Lying chauvinistic feminist slut.

  10. Nick39891 says:

    It is so inspiring that even the mentally ill can receive a degree from an
    institution like Columbia

    • Ash Kitt says:

      +Nick39891 Well the retarded can receive a degree from Yale (see Bush Jr.)
      so I wouldn’t put it past them.
      Though this is of course implying that Columbia is more than just a fancy
      Ivy League name to put on your massive student loan debt.
      I doubt she would be able to make it in the Macaulay Honors College in CUNY.

  11. DraculohRanls says:

    The mattress is a symbol of the fact that Emma is always lying.

  12. oguns iron says:

    throw both that jew AND her mattress down the well, like Borat advised us
    to do.