Emma Watson Plays With Kittens (While Answering Fan Questions)

Emma Watson Plays With Kittens (While Answering Fan Questions)

“I want them all!”


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Group of British shorthair and longhair kittens sitting
GlobalP/Getty Images

Created by https://www.buzzfeed.com/bfmp/videos/13278

A Certified Animal Safety Representative from the American Humane Association was present for all scenes that involved the participation of the kittens.

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20 Responses

  1. Eve Sav says:

    She’s such a strong and inspiring woman, I’m so proud to call her my role model!

  2. Lottie M says:

    she seems so sweet but i can’t imagine her having a sense of humour at all

  3. safat imtiaz says:

    Oh my god a video with Emma Watson and kittens has DISLIKES???

  4. anon says:

    I don’t get why people hate Emma because of her feminist beliefs and trying to make the world better for underprivileged women in the world. Inequality still exists in this world- women don’t get paid the same amount of as men, women are expected to wear makeup and wear high heels and get discriminated if they don’t, etc… Of course men suffer similar prejudices and the majority of true feminists aren’t man hating or believe they’re superior to men.
    Feminism to me is about lessening the gap between women and men so that everyone is treated fairly. It’s just that the feminism movement focuses on advancing women’s rights.

    Anyway back to Emma- I think she’s a role model for many young girls and at least she’s a positive influence unlike other celebrities e.g. taking drugs etc…

  5. Stephanie Roberts says:

    wish all girls idolised emma watson rather than kylie jenner..

  6. Game Play says:

    They are all white.


  7. MiaMedia says:

    I just simply love Emma so much. Some of the comments under this video truly disgust me. I love the fact that she’s a feminist. Everyone should be, I don’t even want to know you if you don’t support equality, like who do you think you are. Feminism isn’t the stereotypical show-your-boobs-thing anymore. It is simply standing up for your rights in a civilized way and letting young girls know that they matter. I pity all men in particular who think that they are better than women and who hate on a woman because she fights for her rights. Those men are so weak.

  8. Paul Beenis the Parrot says:

    I’m here only for the cats.

    Still hate you, BuzzFeed.

  9. Cat Denise says:

    I love Emma Watson, she’s such a wonderful role model and leader. I’m glad she can be the voice for many women and young girls out there. She’s amazing.

  10. ISYS Theories says:

    wtf Emma Watson looks and sounds so much like the woman who played hermoine in harry potter!

  11. SPG says:

    Still despise Buzzfeed, I’m here for cats and the only good feminist.

  12. Dilynne Stuthers says:

    I’m a female. And I’m an anti-feminist.

  13. omicula says:

    The cats are cute, Emma is beautiful, and Buzfeed is a joke.

  14. Bun Bun says:

    Okay you understand that the ones making feminist look bad are the ones who are not REAL right? They call themselves feminist, but they are being sexist and stupid. The REAL ones support equal rights for all, and they are not the ones screaming how they hate men. I don’t know much about Emma’s views on this, but I wanted to point this out, because of the comments saying how being feminist is wrong.

  15. Jamal Crossover says:

    A feminist once asked me, “What’s your view on Lesbians?”

    I said, “1080p”

  16. Drink Bleach says:

    This is literally the best video on the internet omg

  17. Isabella Rose says:

    Emma is just such a gorgeous inspiration!!!!! She is just this amazing idol

  18. ARKOVZ says:

    The most logical and educated feminist to ever be on BuzzFeed.

  19. Lil J says:

    89% Of the comments are about feminism
    2% Of the comments are random
    4% Is about buzzfeed
    4% Is about Emma Watson herself

  20. Karina Cat says:

    Неу guуs! Whо wаnts а surprisе? Jusт сIiсk оn му NАМЕ аnd enjoy

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