EMOTIONAL DAD surprised by his kids who applied for the show for him! | Auditions | BGT 2022

EMOTIONAL DAD surprised by his kids who applied for the show for him! | Auditions | BGT 2022

There isn’t a dry eye in the auditorium – even Ant & Dec are in tears! – when Nick Edwards is surprised by his kids who applied on his behalf to perform on Britain’s Got Talent.

Watch the beautiful moment he performs a perfect cover of ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ by Ernie Halter, a tribute to his adorable daughters.

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38 Responses

  1. Scenic Fights says:

    So much emotion in his voice. That’s what makes a great performer, authenticity.

  2. Reflections And Resonance says:

    Nick’s voice was like this even 10+ years ago. He was an excellent singer songwriter then too and had a lot of creative ambition when we talked about projects together. I never understood why he seemed to stop except for the occasional home video he shared. It’s amazing to see him back in his element again. Keep at it Nick! There’s so much creativity in you man! It doesn’t matter what comes from it. Just keep going and enjoy the process! So happy to see him back with a guitar on stage in front of a crowd.

  3. tuckerjw04 says:

    What a moment even his wife looks so nervous for him like she wasn’t sure if he’d get up or not.. fair play nick 👍

  4. Garry T says:

    WOW 😍 This guy should have gotten the golden buzzer 100% 👍🏻 If any music production company can see this, please record and release this track, it will get to number 1 ❤️

  5. OscarTV Online says:

    If Nick records this song today in even the most average studio and puts together clips of his little angels and some b-rolls from this, I won’t be surprised if it goes mega and becomes the next big wedding song. Everything about that song is perfect 🥰

  6. Jade Hill says:

    He should have got a golden buzzer. He’s got a lovely voice and he should definitely get through to the semi-finals 🙂 Got me emotional watching this

    • Anitha Cunningham says:

      ur a such a wndrful prsn and ur really gifted with the beautiful voice .and ur chldrn they are soo cute God bless you now and always.pls do continue with ur singing ❤❤😂😊ok luv you frm my son Shane and his mum ann India.

    • john sellers says:

      @Bettie Rae shame it was all planned he was well aware he was going to perform he already had a mic on

    • Bettie Rae says:

      I said the same to my mum! I don’t ever cry at singers but this!! I found out I had a heart lastnight hahaha

    • Mathew Miller says:

      Yeah he should have got the golden buzzer

  7. S.Y Reborn Outings says:

    Now this is what you call a dad… He should of got the golden buzzer because that was pure and amazing ❤️🥰❤️

  8. Donna says:

    LOVE his voice, his lyrics and his humble approach. This Daddy has talent in spades.

    • Lynne Bacher says:

      The lyrics are so beautiful! Written by an amazingly talented artist in the US, Ernie Halter. YouTube him. You will agree

  9. ernell42 says:

    So honored, thank you for doing this song justice. My daughters will get a kick out of watching you perform this for your little girls. Also want to shout out my amazing co-writer Katelyn Clampett. <3

    • kglrtheroche says:

      Ernie, you’re killing it! I saw this on TikTok and I’m like “that’s Ernie’s song!!!!“

    • William Walker says:

      I’m in London for my daughter’s wedding… it was meant to be… great song Ernie and Nick from Doncaster has done it great justice!!! What year did you and Katelyn release this? I see it on your 2019 album Catbird Soul.

    • Has Os says:

      Amazing 🎯😊

    • MEJ Johnson says:

      Lovely song indeed. It was hard to hold back tears. Powerful lyrics

    • Marcia Major says:

      I am 55 and my father passed away in Dec. 2017. He and I had an amazingly beautiful and special relationship. I was mini-him. Everyone says I should have been a boy. On this Easter weekend, my memory on FB showed 1971 Easter photo of me with my dad. I actually was thinking I wish my dad was here or I could just feel his presence. The line of the song that began “i’ll always be with you…even when I’m gone just listen to this song..” blessed me beyond measure!!! Thank you Ernie for writing the song and Thank You Nick for singing this song for your lovely daughters! My tears missing my dad have been turned to tears of joy, because this song reminded me he is with me and will forever be apart of me because I am apart of him that is here!!!!!! Thank you!!! Thank You

  10. Lamech Pamei says:

    One of the best original lyrics ever heard written for her lil girl and moved everyone heart crying. Even he didn’t get golden buzzer, he is already a winner to everyone. His lil girl would be so proud when she grow up that her daddy stood infront of millions of people and sang beautiful song for her. God bless you Nick and your family.

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