Emotional Damage: Asian Parent Punishments 2

Emotional Damage: Asian Parent Punishments 2

This whole video was so I can write off a frozen chicken from my taxes.
Also I should try out the X factor. I’ve a feeling I’ll win.

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32 Responses

  1. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    When he mentioned “the family dinner”

    We all knew that maximum emotional damage was about to occur.

  2. Kiran Askr says:

    As a veteran Asian child, I cannot count the amount of times my parents came home the moment they left.

    • near?? says:

      @Steven He as a veteran Asian child I was beaten for 30 to 40 years of my life time now I am a successful person I was beaten with a stick and it made me stronger and I won’t be a failure now im about to turn 18 soon

    • Zérodaim says:

      Your parents know how to do that because when they were young, time wasn’t invented yet.

    • Tear4bit3 says:

      Now I understand why I like Panda E so much, 10 minutes after leaving, car door=death. Heart attack, coupled with EMOTIONAL DAMAGE. No cure, father hitting me with “what’s 7×3?” at 9pm.

    • Ben Segal says:

      As a veteran Jewish child, I didn’t realize I am Asian. Alternatively, I didn’t realize that Steven is Jewish.

    • no time left says:

      Finally it’s here. *YES*

  3. L W says:

    Great lesson! You know it “sticks” when you are a rich Nobel Prize winning, Olympic running, Astronaut and still one day your brain randomly brings up the Emotional Damage and your friend finds you in the fetal position under the fitted sheet of your bed. Parent job well done. Love your vids!

  4. Itz DarkTrax says:

    Also, I like how steven’s dad is smiling knowingly he’ll embarrass himself in front of his family.

  5. Titanus Mosura says:

    The car door closing was one the most horrifying thing to hear as a kid

  6. Ryan George says:

    “Make sure you don’t forget okay?”
    “Okay I won’t”
    “Yes he will”

    That quick cut made me snort. I have now snorted.

  7. Ryuuko Mikami says:

    Hilarious video! As a music teacher, hearing Steven’s dad say music lessons were useless killed my soul a bit, but I guess it’s accurate since Asians want their kids to be doctors anyway, so being a musician isn’t worthwhile… 😭

    • Fusionater says:

      Are you saying this video gave you….

      Emotional damage?

    • Asanii-chan says:

      That reminds me a video of “asian’s got parent”..
      Some kid (Uncle Roger) won, because he was himself.. HE WAS A DOCTOR

      But yes, music (but not only) can be very hated by children beacuse of parent’s ambitions.. I love music again, beacuse it was my choice. Not my mom’s, not my dad’s, not my dog’s.. And everyone should make choices on their own, because it’s the healthier option.

    • Steven He says:

      OH NOOOOO!
      what you do is amazing, it’s the culture of Asian parents using their children to compensate for their own insecurity of lower social status that drives many unwilling children to dislike music lessons!!! Myself included.

      but for anyone who actually is passionate about music, you’re an angel! thank you for everything you do

  8. Tripenator says:

    All the awkward standing positions they were in are hysterical and the guitar scene lol relatable

  9. Grapey Editz says:

    Just saying, the shirt and suit of Steven’s dad never gets old XD

  10. tray839 says:

    I can feel thr emotional damage radiating off this. Well done, keep up the good work. I feel that defrosting bit so hard. I just put it in the sink and hoped for the best

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