Emotional wedding Haka moves Maori bride to tears, NZ

Emotional wedding Haka moves Maori bride to tears, NZ

Family of groom perform a dramatic Haka at New Zealand Maori wedding, moving the bride to tears before she eventually joined in the performance.

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20 Responses

  1. Ben Narube says:

    respect …. from an islander

  2. Orin R says:

    I love how loud and how reverent it is at the same time. Beautiful couple

  3. Alexander perez says:

    WTF did I just watch

  4. Denny Tiumalu says:

    that was dope I’m Samoan and Tongan I’m a lil posted everywhere on
    instagram congrats

  5. Tracy Williamson says:

    🙁 mad me cry VERY GOOD!!!

  6. Lynda Bell says:


  7. watermelondrea kantealope says:

    no matter what..the expression of ones traditions and culture is beautiful
    to see..so rare

  8. Cidao Aparecido says:

    I’m glad no one clapped in the end.

  9. Ivan D says:


  10. shabnam sultana says:

    Is this like a story stance, can someone plz explain.

  11. gabzpiano Ⓥ says:

    do we really need more proof than this that human beings are animals? :)

  12. Eugene Grewing says:

    I have no idea what this is but that was freaking awesome! So primal.

  13. Believe_2224 B says:

    How is this supposed to be emotional?
    I was laughing my ass off!

  14. Manchester5Utd says:

    Does everyone in New Zealand know the haka.

  15. The PixsoWarrior says:


  16. wojciechzby says:

    After that??? – Maori heritage is here to stay forever!!!
    Dear bride – 2:04 is more than words.

  17. Gavin Twiss says:

    Beautiful tradition. Never seen anything like this before.

  18. AnimeLeirus says:

    I love Culture.

  19. Evan Govea says:

    I just imagined all of them with googly eyes or just being cross eyed

  20. Angela MH says:

    Saw this 13 years ago and it’s still really weird to me, yes I have no
    cultural sensitivity skills.