ENA: Dream BBQ – Official Trailer

ENA: Dream BBQ – Official Trailer

Wishlist on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2134320
Support the channel on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/joelg

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-Amazon(available in the US. and UK): https://www.joelgc.com
-International Shipping: https://joelgstore.com/merch​

Music Credits:

anemoia by Oliver Buckland

Spotify: (COMING SOON)
Bandcamp: https://oliver-buckland.bandcamp.com/track/anemoia

Eyra Norman as Spatulady Soprano: https://www.instagram.com/eyranormansoprano
Joe Boon on Baritone guitar: https://www.instagram.com/joeboonmusician

Animation Credits:

Brian Zavala….Color Script/Cinematography/Post-production/Backgrounds/VFX

Marco Cárdenas….2D Animator

Salvador Ávila López….2DFX Artist

VLIF….3D Character Modeler/Animator

Evan Nave (Mrpalland)….3D Modeler/Animator

Luke “Floofinator” Thomson….3D Character Animation

John Fraser…………..3D particle effects

Talon Zane….3D modeler

The Fell Types are digitally reproduced by Igino Marini. www.iginomarini.com

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30 Responses

  1. Joel G says:

    Hi everyone!

    As many of you may have noticed, we, unfortunately, weren’t able to release Dream BBQ in December 2022 as originally anticipated. This postponement was made due to the extensive amount of art and programming that the team has been undertaking in order to make the game as polished as possible.

    Like some of you may have seen through the previews we shared on Patreon last year, this project became more ambitious than it was initially supposed to be. We believe this is for the best and hope to deliver a completely new and exciting ENA experience.

    Despite setbacks in our schedule, we have some really exciting and unexpected collaborations on the way. We hope you look forward to this and more upon the game’s release this year.

    Thank you all so much for sticking with us despite the wait—this game couldn’t be made possible without your support!

    Special thanks to my good friend, Brian Zavala (Mizu Wolf), too who—despite the difficult circumstances in his personal life right now—put in his absolute best to make our vision for this trailer become a reality.

    We look forward to serving you all a truly sizzling ENA experience! Until then, please enjoy a sneak peek of what awaits you in ENA: Dream BBQ.

    -The ENA Team

  2. Galax Color says:

    I ??? Literally have no words. The amount of work the animators, artists, musicians, and programmers put in is INSANE. I got chills watching this

  3. Shea7TDM says:

    I honestly don’t care if the game has been delayed for a bit, this trailer has already proved to me how amazing it’s going to be and how fucking amazing it already is. It seems like one of those things where you can’t just watch someone else go through the game and you have to experience for yourself so you don’t miss anything and you really experience the speciality it has.

  4. you.find("bitches") says:

    I love the everything that collectively goes into this game: the visuals, the aesthetic, the music and the dialogue it’s all just so great. I don’t usually play games but there is no way I’m missing this.

  5. Unusual says:

    I can see the ginormous amount of effort the team put into Dream BBQ, please don’t rush into releasing the game, just know that we are waiting for you, again this is so amazing omg 😭😭

  6. Otaku-Vs says:

    im actually stunned, seeing the team pursue this vision till its completion is inspiring beyond belief!

  7. Mizu Wolf says:

    It has been a great honor working with you guys, I really appreciate the support you have given me
    you guys are amazing

  8. Nost_ Kuz says:

    Трейлер выглядит прекрасно, и захватывающе. Эта сюреалистическая, приятная атмосфера-просто нечто. Слежу за вашим аккаунтом уже года 2, и удивляюсь на сколько прекрасным может быть сюриализм, и психоделика, вы-мастера своего дела Желаю удачи вашей команде, и чтоб личная жизнь Брайана наладилась. От лица всех русскоязычных фанатов творчества команды Эна, хочу сказать, вы по истине прекрасны, с нетерпением ждём выпуска игры, и возможно его перевода хоть кем-то из русскоязычных блогеров.

    • Булка с солью says:

      Да!Да!!Да!!! Безумно была рада посмотреть трейлер, такого восторга и мурашек я ещё никогда не ощущала! Вы абсолютно правы что это нечто, всем сердцем жду выхода игры

    • BUBES.RU👈 иպи ĊAЍT 💟 says:

      ⤴️🍪Мӥлаш℮чки mлãдωėro вoзҏĉста u Tycовku💙🎉
      👆🦄*Bсё этo в иʍeнu*🔥❗️⤴️


    • BUBES.RU👈 Ищи CAЍT 🍒 says:

      👆🍪Шкодниици 4-17 лeT и Туcовku🧡😛
      👆🏽🍒кайфуй от школьниц *в наЗвании kанала*✅❗️⤴️


    • BUBES.RU👈 ищи CAЍT 💦 says:

      👆🏼💧контент 4-17 леT🍓👅
      ❗️⤴️🦄*нa caйҭе из ниka*🔥👆


    • Lock Down says:

      Очень ждём и надеемся на невероятный результат

  9. Penelope Christian says:

    I feel like ENA us THE best online universe for artists. It’s inspiring, oddly nostalgic, abstract, and the hint of story on continues to intrigue us. Not to mention the hints of peace or drama or oddity the music brings, sometimes at the same time. This game is worth the wait, Can’t WAIT TO PLAY LOVE YOU JOEL AND OTHERS ON THE TEAM<3

  10. NovaCrusader727 says:

    This trailer is truly stunning. Pure imagination at its finest. And the theme coming at the end give me chills every time. Can’t wait to play the whole enchilada.

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