Encounter Noble Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus!

Encounter Noble Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus!

Noble Pokémon? 🤔

The latest trailer for the Pokémon Legends: Arceus game is here! Get the details on these special Pokémon and find out what else you’ll encounter during your journey through the Hisui region!


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48 Responses

  1. Hmaz says:

    Legends Arceus: The only game Pokemon game where you can take cute pictures with your Rowlet and then sacrifice it to a creature with axes for hands.

  2. Dolan Darker says:

    Finally, Scyther with a monobrow

    • Brandon AF says:

      Kleavor for smash! Im so stoked scyther and scizor are my favs! Cant wait to see his shiny colors. Im qbout to hunt my 3rd shiny scyther now!

    • Professor Bosshardt says:

      Lame because of the timeline plot unless they make this a dlc for the latest games otherwise it makes no sense unless time travel or something idk this doesn’t make any sense at all.

    • Professor Bosshardt says:

      @Dominik Sere More like Tijuana xD

    • Cold-Blooded Beats says:

      @ErosLikesGames What? There are obviously Pokemon with humans throughout all the trailers we’ve seen. Mai has even said that her and Munchlax were like siblings

    • Dani-Claw says:

      @Professor Bosshardt What about prequels then? Zelda pulls this timeline jumping all the time

  3. Yolopup 123 says:

    Kleavor looks like a split evolution for Scyther. Level up while holding a king’s rock or some shit like that.

  4. Jonno Plays says:

    Kleavor: I’m actually the pre-evolution to Scyther

  5. CaptainMcFlawww says:

    Scizor: “who are you?”
    Kleavor: “who’s axe-ing?”

  6. Gentleman Charmander says:

    Interesting Kleavor is only level 18. He looks like they kind of Pokémon that has a late evolution, but apparently not? It could also just be he needs an item like scizzor.

  7. Dark Side Boss says:

    Well that was unexpected…

  8. It's Me Mr. Austria says:

    Kleavor: *Chops your head off*
    Trainer: Tis but a scratch!

  9. nintonintendo1 says:

    Ok but can we talk about the flute making the sound that you hear when you turn on pokemon diamon/pearl???

  10. Firetrixs says:

    There could have been a whole farming or creating your homestead element in this game. You have a wealth of flavor text why not use it. Now, absolutely, fired up for this game. CANNOT WAIT!!

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