End of the Line [SFM]

Is it the End of the Line for the RED team?

Team Fortress 2 Update – http://www.teamfortress.com/endoftheline/
Credits – http://www.teamfortress.com/endoftheline/credits/

Please support the artists and musicians!
Poster – http://www.welovefine.com/8720-end-of-the-line-movie.html
Shirt – http://www.welovefine.com/8719-end-of-the-line-movie.html
Music – https://itunes.apple.com/album/end-of-the-line-soundtrack/id948481779

Thanks so much to those involved in the project and to all who have supported us during this long ride.

If you have any questions regarding the video, technical or otherwise. Let us know in the comments below and I may make a video with the team covering some of them in SFM.

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20 Responses

  1. Riley Woodman says:


  2. Pandawadles says:

    Guys, it ain’t over. Notice the pigeon bomb was apart of BLU’s plan. *PLOT*

  3. dog cold says:

    Omg so sick

  4. Not A Real Doctor says:

    As you can see. It is the end of the line for RED. If you pause at 0:46 you
    can sea a paper that says stealth pigeon bomb, and at the end the pigeons
    were carrying the bomb, toward RED. It is the end of the line.

  5. The K Car says:

    Amazon job! Animation was great. Sound design on the other hand was
    severely lacking. I know how hard it is to make stuff like this so i’m just
    giving constructive criticism.

  6. Hugo Sausage says:

    (Que the Heavy) Red means stop!

  7. Space Rat says:

    This is absolutely, the best SFM animation I have seen yet. Believe it or
    not, I think it’s better than Valve’s shorts! This…is a masterpiece. Any
    who say it’s not that good is one of those hypocrites who probably use
    Windows Movie Maker in their videos. Congrats, you have a new subscriber.
    Please…please make more of these. The word must be spread!

  8. Hugo Sausage says:

    (Que the Heavy) Red means stop!

  9. Joe Skull says:

    My review of End Of Line. I don’t give a shit about the update, so I won’t
    talk about it.

    You people spent a lot of time in this, and it clearly shows. In my
    opinion, the cinematography and lighting are even better than the ones in
    the Meet The Team videos. It’s constantly breathtaking, and even
    distracting at times. And it is the video’s strongest aspect.

    The story is good. I, for one, enjoy a SFM artist who can balance drama,
    action and comedy. And this video does that quite well. The running gags
    are amusing, the BLU Pyro is really funny and the kitten jokes are good
    too. The attention to detail is also incredible, and I’m glad that the
    whole movie is silent.

    The scene with the Heavy is my favorite of them all. Not only does that
    scene perfectly nails the Heavy’s personality of “I am giant man, and I
    will protect Doktor and team at all costs”, but it leads up to the
    outstanding train crash scene, and it evens teaches a pretty good moral
    lesson of “do the right thing even when no one wants you around”.

    But there are some pretty big flaws. The story, while good, could use some
    work. While I enjoyed seeing the Heavy and Medic’s heroics, I really wished
    other characters, such as Scout or Sniper had actually done something other
    than chase the train. I wanted to see Scout to do something, such as
    disarming a few wagons, or sneaking into BLU base and learning of the
    train’s whereabouts. Anything other than a duck and bomb joke would be
    nice. The BLU team seems a lot more interesting than RED. Why not focus on
    them a bit longer ?

    Some of the character personalities kinda bug me. It’s odd seeing the BLU
    Soldier as this big, intelligent boss figure when he really is just as
    stupid as RED Soldier. Why not put, say, a Spy or even a Medic in his place
    ? The Heavy, while done well in that train scene, seems to be characterized
    as not very bright and even unable to play chess properly, which really
    contracts with his canon personality of being smarter than one would
    expect. Other things, such as BLU Spy exposing himself when a Spy would
    never do that, are also kinda odd.

    But the worst of it all is probably the scenes that don’t amount to
    anything. For instance, we see Scout go on top of the train. Oh cool, does
    this mean he will try to stop the train or disable some wagons? Nope.avi.
    He is the set-up to a bomb joke. Heavy endures some massive punishment from
    the train, and cuts off connection to the Uber. Does this mean we will have
    a scene where he struggles to come back or a scene where Medic and his
    teammates rush to try and save him, repaying him for his sacrifice ?
    Nope.avi. He is just going to casually walk out of the rubble and defeat
    the BLU Spy who was threatening Medic, from a scene that also didn’t lead
    to anything.

    Overall, it’s a great film. It has a flawed story, pacing and development,
    but it has a lot of heart, amazing animation and really excels in
    entertaining, once you get past the story’s issues.


  10. Karl Pilkington says:

    This was great! Definitely worth waiting for.

  11. Pyro Pantrucas says:


    Long live to the Red Team <3

  12. Epiccraftful says:

    Now I have to admit, this update really disappointed me. I thought there
    would be a bunch of new weps, you know, to give the game new things to try
    out and master. But no, a reskin and and shit ton of new hats/miscs. Not
    even was the map made official. The animation was well made, though I
    though it would be nicer if sniper had a much bigger role. Also, the
    presence of the spy was pretty random, if he had made an appearance when
    the camera was at the blu base, it would have made sense. It would have
    kept the viewer on edge for his attack other than poof, he’s here then he’s
    dead. But I expected weapons, not hats.

  13. Magique Lucra says:

    wow *o* so cool

  14. Poop Rat says:

    Nice video.
    Dear valve I play tf2 for the class updates and, weapons fuck a hat.
    I’m not the only one read the comments, 21 hats and 1 weapon dufaq.
    Damn hat hipsters ruined tf2. =/

  15. Vend Erre says:

    Red Demoman did NOTHING! HE HAD ONE JOB!

  16. Simon Banta says:

    This was amazing.

  17. isaac rayment says:

    brilliantly executed!

  18. gamerbiel says:

    00:14 half-life 3 confirmed

  19. Grayson Asbury says:

    That Super-8 reference at the end tho

  20. Bilal Zahran says:

    fucking Archimedes