England vs. Germany | Highlights | UEFA Nations League

England vs. Germany | Highlights | UEFA Nations League

Check out the full highlights for England vs. Germany in the UEFA Nations League. Germany got off to a hot start in the second half with two back-to-back goals, but England rallied to go up 3-2. Kai Havertz took the game into his own hands and scored the final goal for Germany to make the final whistle 3-3.

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England vs. Germany | Highlights | UEFA Nations League

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34 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    What was your takeaway from this match?

  2. Mikey Joe says:

    What a game!!

    How old is Bellingham again!?! He plays like a veteran, absolute class!!

  3. Kevin Aguilar says:

    As long as Maguire is starting US has a chance

  4. MyDreaminOrbit says:

    00:38 what a ridiculously good pass. Reminds me of James Rodriguez and his pass in the WC 2018

  5. Devin Pruitt says:

    England just don’t look psychologically ready for a strong World Cup bid. Maguire lost his chance to regain any trust.
    Other the other hand, Germany is looking very clinical up top, and Musaila could have an exciting tournament.

  6. robdogg 11 says:

    Let’s make sure Maguire is fit and healthy for the match against the USMNT this November

  7. Edwurrd says:

    Musiala was absolutely balling. He’s so fun to watch. Havertz man, he loves big games

  8. Edis Lettuce says:

    England vs Germany is always a match worth watching

    • Victor Kreig says:

      Not anymore lol, Germany doesn’t have a back line anymore
      National team was done after 2014, they will never be the Germany of old again

  9. Quan Nguyen says:

    Harry Mcguire with his signature move.

  10. Hunter01 says:

    Wow what a game. Saka already proving to be one of englands best players at such a young age

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