Enrique Iglesias – MOVE TO MIAMI (Official Video) ft. Pitbull

Enrique Iglesias – MOVE TO MIAMI (Official Video) ft. Pitbull

NEW SONG – MOVE TO MIAMI feat. Pitbull (Click “SHOW MORE” below)
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41 Responses

  1. Raurii Gatien says:

    Fast and Furious Need Enrique!!!!!

  2. Berlaind VEVO says:

    Donde están los latinos

  3. Ani Rudh 2057 says:

    Hit Like for Enrique 👍

  4. ThePeaceAround says:

    How tf is Enrique over 40 years old !? That man has not aged one bit.

  5. wapanda says:

    Whose here before #10m views?🐼❤🚬

  6. John R. says:

    All the way to greater M I A M I ❤️💕

  7. Sabreen Draw says:

    2:33 omg 😻 this laugh stole my heart 😍

  8. Daizy Rawat says:


  9. tsun - block says:

    Sounds like 2010 again!!

  10. Nahida Islam Nahida says:

    U r always my favorite 💋💋💋💋💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  11. Kyler Harvey says:

    Your music is interesting but not exactly for me I did enjoy it though… have a great day yalls

  12. Edrick P says:

    Si quieren ver abrievndo alcancia de 10 millones ahorrados entra aquí https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rogugqK4kwQ

  13. Aloha MD says:

    He’s still hot! 💕



  15. Priya Zayn says:

    Enrique You Looking very Handsome <3

  16. Rv nimel says:

    Amazing 👌👌👌

  17. tonny margaza says:

    DZ🇩🇿 QUI LA

  18. Lego Shot says:

    Nice, we all want video clips in the songs, i think currently is a little fool take out one song without a clip, even if you know that it will not be a super hit, i applaud to Enrique and Pitbull for this new hit, it sound so nice with eva and the apple Jajajaja xD!

  19. Eve Jade says:

    How does Enrique look younger….

  20. Carolyne Caceres says:

    Before 10 million babes!! Who is with me??💖💖😄😘😗❤

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