Ep #3: The Rosewood Massacre | Dark History Podcast

Ep #3: The Rosewood Massacre | Dark History Podcast

Hi friends, happy Thursday!
Welcome to the Dark History podcast. Today, we are going to talk about the horrifying story of The Rosewood Massacre, and how one lie led to mass death and destruction. I appreciate you for coming by, and tune in next week for more dark history.

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03:30 The Town of Rosewood
07:56 The Beginning
10:15 The Rumor
12:51 Jesse Hunter and Sam Carter
18:31 The Mob
21:40 The Carrier House
24:12 Fleeing Rosewood
27:50 The Bryce Brothers
30:26 The Final Day
33:17 The Aftermath
37:40 The Victims
40:54 Rosewood Today


Dye, R. Thomas. “Rosewood, Florida: The Destruction of an African American
Community.” The Historian 58, no. 3 (1996): 605-22. Accessed May 23, 2021.

González-Tennant, Edward. “Contextualizing the 1923 Violence.” Rosewood Heritage and
VR Project. Accessed May 21, 2021.

González-Tennant, Edward. “History.” Rosewood Heritage and VR Project. Accessed May
21, 2021.

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Progrom.” Fire!!! 1, no. 2 (2012): 64-110. doi:10.5323/fire.1.2.0064.

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23, 2021.

This podcast is Executive Produced by:
Bailey Sarian,

Chelsea Durgin from Slash Mgmt,


Fanny Baudry, Avi Gandhi, Derrial Christon and Spencer Strasmore from Wheelhouse DNA

Video Director: Trent Barboza

Producer: Lexxi Kiven

Research provided by: Elizabeth Hyman

Writer: Haley Gordon & Bailey Sarian

I’m your host – Princess of the Dark, Bailey Sarian


Historical Consultants:

Dr. Edward González-Tennant
(Professor of Anthropology, University of Central Florida)

Dr. Maxine Jones
(Professor of History, Florida State University)

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40 Responses

  1. Jayowulf says:

    As a black male that doesn’t give AF about make up, my GF just got me hooked on your videos and I don’t think you know how necessary you are. I never miss one 👌🏾

  2. Kassandra Watcheston says:

    Can you do a “dark history” surrounding “residential schools/industrial schools/American Indian schools” in Canada they are now digging up around old schools and finding hundreds of unmarked graves of children as young as 3-4. This was overlooked for decades! Something to research !

  3. Carrie Heron says:

    Bailey can you do a podcast about the boarding schools and all the Native American children they are finding in graves. People need to learn the truth about these boarding schools.

    • Sammara Jarose says:

      YES! SO THIS!

    • Rachel White says:

      Yes 👏. I’m from Nova Scotia, Canada and have just starting learning more about the residential schools. I was barely taught anything about them when I was younger (I am now 27). It is absolutely sickening.

    • Agnes Mina says:

      Yes but maybe not yet because we’re still expecting many more graves to be found and a ton more information to surface, and I rather she does an episode when all that will be available for her to work with. That said: I’m literally holding a book about the matter in my hand (by Mark Abley about Duncan Campbell Scott) , so there is quite a bit of info available out there already, but that’s been released before the current grave discoveries, so I think there’s more to surface that would be worth for Bailey to wait for before doing an episode

    • ToastedPetals says:

      Bump coz this is needed

    • Ms. Ann Thropic says:

      Agreed, we covered residential schools for 2 classes in my 11th grade social studies and that was it, not nearly enough time given to something that traumatized generations of people and crippled entire communities.

      It’s one of the most painful things for me to hear about, the gut wrenching injustice of this being ignored as much as possible for as long as possible, coupled with the dudley-doright image Canada presents to the world, but the story needs to be told again and again until there is no one ignorant of it.
      Germany will not allow it’s people to forget the holocaust, because to do so is an injustice upon itself, Canada should do the same because the policies we’ve applied towards indigenous people throughout the history of our nation have been exactly that, an attempt at genocide, approved of by our founding fathers.

      It can not be ignored. 💔🧡

  4. Anca Iacob says:

    putting the story aside for a min, those outfits Bailey is wearing in the podcats are so lovely!! it’s like the outfit is a character in itself

  5. Tales Of The Chrysalis says:

    The overwhelming pattern of this kind of behavior goes beyond any human rationale. There were DOZENS of similar acts across the country in the time period that destroyed and disenfranchised Black populations for generations to come.

    The whole truth is the only way to heal

  6. Maria Montalvo says:

    “There’s nothing more dangerous than a white womans tears” so sad.

    • Mama Toni says:

      @Brookie Cookie 🍪 she is a whole temper tantrum having hot mess

    • Eleanor clarke says:

      @Abby V what about him, apples and oranges love take your white fragility elsewhere

    • joanna lorenzo says:

      @Abby V you really skipped the line for brains distribution.

    • Lauren Breyer says:

      @Brookie Cookie 🍪 I was thinking of that too

    • Heather Shaw says:

      @Abby V Did you also want to tell us about the “unfairness ” of the “dangerous liberals” who legislated for the removal of some of Dr. Suess’ most “precious titles” ? And by precious, I mean racist and by dangerous liberals I mean a private company that can absolutely decide not to publish some of their titles if they choose. But, I digress with facts and I’m sure you only deal in your ❄ feelings.

  7. Annie DuLaney says:

    “If you cut me open I got a lil pink inside ELLLLIUILLLLLLL” WHAT THE HECK😂😂

  8. Layla223 says:

    I bet if it was a massacre against white people, John’s house would be kept as a historical monument…

  9. Lubblie_Bubblie says:

    As a Black Floridian I’ve only ever heard about the Rosewood Massacre through my FAFSA application, and they didn’t even call it a massacre!! They were always super vague about it and I never thought to look it up for myself, thank you for talking about this 💛

    • JoGolightly77 says:

      Wow! I had never heard of this story either, people need to understand the struggles of those before us.

    • Ash Marsh says:

      @Malane Nix yes ! They set ups “restitution” the state of Florida assists the families of the descendants of the Rosewood massacre to the point that I believe that you are eligible for grants and scholarships threw trusts. Unfortunately there were not many survivors and because of the violence and the times many families would not speak about having been survivors. 🙁

    • Huma Ansari says:

      @Tiffany Glass lloolllolopolll

    • Daily dose Of Liv says:

      As a black Floridan I’ve never been taught about it at all throughout my school years

  10. Taylor Michelle says:

    This sounded so familiar. And I know why, the Tulsa Race Massacre. History is truly sad and disgusting.

    Thank you Bailey for talking about these events in history we have not learned in school but should have.

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