EP Chihuahuas Wiener Dog Race

EP Chihuahuas Wiener Dog Race

The El Paso Chihuahuas hosted the Wiener Schnitzel weenie dog race. What could go wrong?

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20 Responses

  1. Khalid AlNajjar says:

    +Stonetic Of course we are .. I mean they are .. Do you have any idea
    important wiener dogs to terrorists?

  2. Reebokanonymous says:

    +Khalid AlNajjar Weird, unrelated comment, but rest assured that most
    people see Trump as the corporate sociopath that he is. He won’t win,
    although it’s disconcerting that he could even get 20% of the nation on his

  3. Stonetic says:

    +Khalid AlNajjar Obviously terrorists would be really concerned.

  4. pendrake40 says:

    Look at how happy that dog was. Vast wide open space, with flat and soft
    ground perfect for his short legs. The dog could have gone on running
    around for hours more if he had not stopped for a belly-rub. ;D

    • Salad Tongs says:

      +ShadyJ That’s my dog, Dexter. I finally yelled at him and he rolled over
      so you’re right, he was submitting.

    • ShadyJ says:

      +pendrake40 It’s not that he wanted a belly rub, he was showing
      submissiveness by exposing his belly.

  5. Rock 'n Roll says:

    I don’t think I will ever know the happiness that this doggie is
    experiencing right now. Too cute!

  6. drumminDLC says:

    it’s just like SO MANY PLACES TO PEE!!!!!!

  7. Rajiv Bhattarai says:

    dog, squirrel, icecream… where is baseball?

  8. Sam Boisvert says:

    Typical of a Dachshund…. Short in structure but versatile!

  9. Time Traveller says:


  10. Robby Trosan says:

    they said weiner over 50 times in this video

  11. Thomas Magnum says:

    I love my Dachshund!

  12. Backstage Gabe says:

    You can have a Weiner dog without ketchup and mustard

  13. Mitchell Hughes says:


  14. Dibbid says:

    Yep that’s a doxy alright:

    “Yay, so happy yippie this is fun so much f- *DON’T TOUCH ME!!* weee I’ve
    never had so much room to pl- *DON’T TOUCH ME!!* whoopee I feel so free and *DON’T
    TOUCH ME!!*”

  15. Aaron Cummings says:

    that doxie was having fun!!

  16. Dave M says:

    awesome. The fans would of loved that for sure. Next up, Basett Hounds!

  17. edgeninja says:

    I love how he rolled over and made the submissive pose right before he was
    scooped up. He was like “Ok, you got me.”

  18. Jeskimo613 says:

    1:11, does he say we hope you had as much derp fun?