Epic puppy rescue – 18 feet into the earth!!!

Epic puppy rescue – 18 feet into the earth!!!

This video is in memory of our dear friend and rescuer: Lisa M Ashe.
Please share this video and help us save more lives: http://www.HopeForPaws.org
To adopt Luke, Mary, Isaac or Ezekiel, please contact:
To adopt: Abraham, Sarah, Solomon, Angel or Heaven, please contact:

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20 Responses

  1. Jana Injac says:

    R.I.P Lisa❤️??

  2. Laney The Artist says:

    Those puppies were screaming bloody murder.

  3. JACezb Blankji says:

    these guys are real heroes…
    saving those puppies inside that deep tunnel really needs a lot of effort… im so glad for these people… i will love hope for paws frver… ❤❤❤

  4. Alondra Mendieta says:

    When they were pulling him out of the hole I was thinking “the cave is getting birth to a full grown man”?

  5. lahart52 says:

    Please let us know if you do rescue their mother 🙂

  6. Sierra Harrison says:

    Keep doing what u are doing it may be hard but u are helping others, it would be so devastating if u guys weren’t here

    1 like = respect ✊

  7. The Pup LOVE says:

    Lisa Ashe was a great friend she was good to all. She made dogs have a better life we will always remember her. She did good to others.?????

  8. Anya Shah says:

    You guys are TRUELY amazing. Thank you for all of the work you do

  9. yang eva says:

    I can’t imagine when their mom come back what will she react to ….

  10. Connie Paredes says:

    Please look for their mother ??? she might be heartbroken looking for them ?

  11. JBTechCon says:

    Puppers look plump and healthy. Mom must have been scavenging really well!

  12. Lohw Bowh says:

    Super heroes don’t always have a cape… but a dog leash:)

  13. Lia Lee says:

    This is so inspirational that it can be turned into a movie.

  14. Egey Batalla says:

    R.I.P you will be in heaven, because you help a lot of them.

  15. Crazy 4 Wolfz says:

    awwww!!!!! I want one but I’m not allowed to!

  16. Puppy Lover17 says:

    you are the nicest people I have ever seen I wish there were more people like this in the world. I wish I could adopt one but they’d have to come to England

  17. Nathan Beck says:

    R.I.P Lisa, I barely knew you but saving animals is enough to get in my books as great

  18. Carolyn Devery says:

    To the 126 that gave a thumbs down. THEY WERE RESCUED!!!!!

  19. natalie. shai says:

    in philipines theres a lot of dogs and cats abbondoned……. i wish you can help them…..poor little animals…….

  20. Luke Noodles says:


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