EPIC SCENES! Jon Jones becomes the NEW UFC Heavyweight Champion at UFC 285! 🏆 🐐

EPIC SCENES! Jon Jones becomes the NEW UFC Heavyweight Champion at UFC 285! 🏆 🐐

Jon Jones defeated Ciryl Gane to become the new UFC Heavyweight Champion and then spoke to Joe Rogan!

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32 Responses

  1. Khuraym says:

    Insane how jones took him down so easily and effortlessly and it wasn’t even a textbook takedown he literally dragged gane down to the ground

  2. yashar Mb says:

    sheer perfection… length, strength, technique, well roundedness, IQ, chin and will to win. the man got it all

    • ghandi newman says:

      @Qais Din I think so too. After seeing how easily he put away Gane, who was Ngannou’s toughest test besides the first Stipe fight, Ngannou has a punchers chance and he’s been learning quick. Hopefully Dana and Francis come to terms and deliver him a payday to fight Jones cuz that’s the fight to make 💯

    • Daniel Garcia says:

      Pelea arreglada totalmente sino se cai la UFC Francis jamas se vendio

    • Qais Din says:

      @Marvin Williams he’d whoop ngannou

    • Casanova says:

      The real reason is GOD is with him! I always knew this since 2019 when I became Christian and JESUS Saved me!

  3. Ryan Norman says:

    He was already the GOAT. Been watching this sport my entire life he’s by far the greatest talent I’ve ever seen in MMA. This just puts an exclamation point.

  4. Sam P says:

    Never seen an athlete in any sport become so unquestionably the GOAT. Like GSP, Khabib and Silva are all legends of the game but this mans been inhuman his entire career. How he can have a 3 year break and come into a division he’s never fought in and effortlessly push aside that divisions top guy is just astounding

  5. Loui Thomas says:

    “Faithful to my goal, faithful to my mission “ ! It’s powerful and something we can all take in to our lives
    Well done John 🎉🎉🎉

  6. UrbanHitman01 says:

    He’s just something else! First round and absolutely dominated it. He’s the goat, unbelievable after 3 years off as well.

  7. Frewt Lewps11 says:

    Jon Jones has both the greatest peak of any fighter ever(2011-2015), and the best longevity of any fighter ever. No debate🐐

  8. Steve Lumumba shabazzz says:

    The greatest of all time. No one comes close to this dude. His resume speaks for himself

  9. YTViTaL says:

    This man is what everyone didn’t want him to be, have to give it to him. 💯 GOAT to the T

  10. Jonathan Lopez says:

    I think it’s funny how everyone was doubting and forgetting how crazy this man is. Jones said he was going to win by submission too. Insane 😂

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