EPISODE 1: THIS IS ME. (Overcomfort Podcast with Jenicka Lopez)

EPISODE 1: THIS IS ME. (Overcomfort Podcast with Jenicka Lopez)

In the latest episode of the Overcomfort Podcast with Jenicka Lopez, I open up about a very important aspect of my life and recent findings that have given me some clarity as to who I am. 

This is one of the most vulnerable conversations that we will have – I’ve been nervous to open up, but believe this is finally the right time! 

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12 Responses

  1. TheAlyG says:

    PADRE no es aquel que engendra sino el que educa, cría, y orienta. ❤ You’re momma was definitely a strong person and as a mother myself I’m sure she had her reasons not to tell you at such a young age. You’re such an amazing person Jenicka, you definitely have such an amazing future ahead of you! ❤

  2. Dulce Macias says:

    Jenicka I really hope you read my message because I just want to tell you that what you did doesn’t need approval from anyone as long as it came from you. You own this story and no one can judge it. I believe that your mom hubiera hecho lo mismo si estuviera in your shoes. I think you know your mom more than anyone else and you know that she loved you , and for whatever reason this happened just know that your mom loved so much and those prayers were answered because you look just like her 😊❤ thank you for opening your heart and we love your mom with her mistakes and good things she did no one can even question because only her knows the real escenario and why. Thank you and I love that you have a podcast ❤

  3. Evelyn Guzman says:

    Girl I feel you so much. This year I found out I’m half siblings with my sisters. I still don’t know anything about my biological dad but I think I’ll be taking that dna test. Thank you for sharing your story 💗 it feels contorting to know I’m not alone

  4. Jessica Mendez says:

    My heart 😭 ugh we love you Jenickaaaaa🫶🏻 you’re one strong women💯👏🏻🙏🏼

  5. Fernanda Perez says:

    I’m very proud of you! It takes so much courage to accept and move on. Todos cometemos errores🫶

  6. Alejandra Varela says:

    We all know your mom was perfectly imperfect and that is why so many people love her. Thanks for sharing with us ❤

  7. Monica Vale says:

    Thank you for your vulnerability. You are one strong soldier.🤍

  8. Jennifer J. Nieman says:

    Thank you for sharing YOU with all of us. The truth will definitely set you free and allow you to continue healing yourself as well as inspiring others. Love you!!

  9. Susana Duarte says:

    Por eso amo a la familia Rivera, nunca dejan de sorprendernos, son una escapatoria a nuestras normales vidas.

  10. F M Cali says:

    ✨You are going to glow as your name behind you Jenicka ✨know your story begins…..

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